Lord Jesus Christ Now Draws The Close Of Day

Lord Jesus Christ, now draws the close of day;
Make me this night close by Thy side to stay;
Upon Thy Sacred Heart O let me rest,
And like Saint John lay my head on Thy breast.

O Sacred Heart, Who doth the world sustain,
As I do sleep let me in Thee remain;
Be Thou my comfort and my refuge still!
Save me! Love me! And keep me from all ill!

O Sacred Heart, Desire of all the Blessed,
Hold in Thy keeping all those in distress;
Shield Thou the joyous; Comfort those who weep;
Care for the sick; Watch o’er all those who sleep!

To all the weary, give rest; Help the poor,
And all the dying bring to Thee e’ermore!
All those who labour, watch and pray this night,
Do Thou protect them, O Unwaning Light!

When, O Lord Christ, I fall asleep in death,
May I in Thee find my eternal rest,
That within the vast ocean of Thy love,
I in communion blest e’er live above!

Words: Noah Townsend, Copyright 2012.
Tune:The Sacred Heart” John St. O. Dykes, 1906.
Alternate Tune:Eventide” William H. Monk, 1861.


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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