Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium

This hymn is one of the most beloved of the Church. It is used as the hymn for I & II Vespers on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in The Roman & Paris Breviaries. It is used for Matins on the same feast in the Sarum Breviary. It is also traditionally sung on Holy Thursday, and the last two verses, the Tantum Ergo, is sung at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Pange, lingua, gloriosi
Corporis mysterium,
Sanguinisque pretiosi,
Quem in mundi pretium
Fructus ventris generosi
Rex effudit gentium.

Nobis datus, nobis natus
Ex intacta Virgine,
Et in mundo conversatus,
Sparso verbi semine,
Sui moras incolatus
Miro clausit ordine.

In supremæ nocte* cenæ
Recumbens cum fratribus
Observata lege plene
Cibis in legalibus,
Cibum turbæ duodenæ
Se dat suis manibus.

Verbum caro, panem verum
Verbo carnem efficit:
Fitque Sanguis Christi merum,
Et si sensus deficit,
Ad firmandum cor sincerum
Sola fides sufficit.

[Here begins the “Tantum ergo sacramentum” which is often used as a separate hymn in its own right.]

Tantum ergo Sacramentum
Veneremur cernui:
Et antiquum documentum
Novo cedat ritui:
Præstet fides supplementum
Sensuum defectui.

Genitori, Genitoque
Laus et iubilatio,
Salus, honor, virtus quoque
Sit et benedictio:
Procedenti ab utroque
Compar sit laudatio. Amen.

Words: St. Thomas Aquinas, 13th Century.
Tune:Pange Lingua Gloriosi” traditional chant melody
Alternate Tune:St. Thomas” Samuel Webbe, 1792.

*This is “noctis” in the Hymnale Secundum Usum Insignis Ac Praeclarae Ecclesiae Sarisburiensis (1850).

This hymn has been translated as the following:
Now, My Tongue, The Mystery Telling
Sing My Tongue the Saviour’s Glory (Aquinas)


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