Lord, My God Have Mercy! Lord, My God, Forgive!

Here is a wonderful Russian hymn I discovered last fall. I have been working on coming up with a worthy English version with the help of some amatuer linguistic know-how and google translate. Here’s what I have so-far:

Lord, my God, have mercy! Lord my God, forgive!
Help me, my God, to carry my cross and live!
Thou didst tread this thorny path for us in love,
Silently didst bear the painful, heavy Cross!

Thou, O Crucified One, for us endured scorn;
For Thine enemies Thou didst pray, grieve, and mourn!
Of virtue, soul and body, I am but faint,
Of the sinful passions I’m a guilty slave.

Of earth’s vast trove of sinners, I am the chief;
I cry out in anguish, “Lord, my God, forgive!”
Grant me strength and virtue by Thy Spirit’s art,
That the passions’ flames shall be quenched in my heart.

By Thy Hand most gracious, Lord, my God, help me!
Send upon me patience, joy, faith, love and peace!
Of earth’s vast trove of sinners, I am the chief;
Lord, my God, have mercy! Lord my God, forgive!

Words:Господи, помилуй, Господи, прости.” Russian hymn (I’m unaware as to who the author is or when it was written); tr. Noah Townsend, 2012.
Tune:Gospodi Pomiluj, Gospodi Prosi.” Russian hymn.

Here is the Russian text:

Господи, помилуй, Господи, прости.
Помоги мне, Боже, крест свой донести.
Ты прошёл с любовью Свой тернистый путь,
Ты нёс Крест безмолвно, надрывая грудь.

И, за нас распятый, много Ты терпел,
За врагов молился, за врагов скорбел.
Я же слаб душою, телом так же слаб,
И страстей греховных я преступный раб.

Я – великий грешник на земном пути,
Я ропщу, я плачусь, Господи, Прости!
Помоги мне, Боже, дай мне крепость сил,
Чтоб свои я страсти в сердце погасил.

Помоги мне, Боже, щедрою рукой,
ниспошли терпенье, радость и покой.
Грешник я великий на земном пути,
Господи, помилуй. Господи, прости!

For pure linguistic interest, here’s a hyper-literal translation:

Lord have mercy, Lord forgive me.
Help me, O God, to carry my cross.
Thou didst take this thorny path in/with love
Thou didst bear the cross silently, straining chest

And Thou, crucified for us, didst endure much,
Didst pray for Thine enemies, didst lament/grieve/mourn for Thine enemies.
I myself am weak of soul, of body also thus weak,
And of the sinful passions, I am a criminal slave

I, the greatest sinner on the earthly path,
I complaining weep “O Lord, forgive me!”
Help me, O God, grant me the fortress of strength,
So that I might extinguish the passions in my heart.

Help me, O God, with your lavish/generous hand,
Send down patience, joy and peace
The greatest of sinners am I on the earthly path,
Lord have mercy, Lord forgive me!


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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