Holy Spirit Hear Us

Holy Spirit, hear us
On this sacred day;
Come to us with blessing,
Come with us to stay.

Come as once Thou camest
To the faithful few
Patiently awaiting
Jesus’ promise true.

Up to Heav’n ascending,
Our dear Lord has gone;
Yet His little children
Leaves He not alone.

To His blessèd promise
Now in faith we cling.
Comforter, most holy,
Spread o’er us Thy wing.

Lighten Thou our darkness,
Be Thyself our Light;
Strengthen Thou our weakness,
Spirit of all might.

Spirit of Adoption,
Make us overflow
With Thy sevenfold blessing
And in grace to grow.

Into Christ baptizèd
Grant that we may be
Day and night, dear Spirit,
Perfected by Thee!

Words: Fr. Josef Mohr, 1816.; tr. Claudia Frances Hernaman, 1893.
Tune:Bemerton” Friedrich Filitz, 1847.

I cannot so far find Fr. Mohr’s German text of the hymn.


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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