O’erwhelmed In Depths Of Woe

This hymn is a hymn for Lauds on the Friday after Sexagesima Sunday, dedicated to the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The text comes from the Office of the Instruments of the Passion, or the Passion Offices, and was translated by Fr. Caswall for the Lyra Catholica in 1849.

O’erwhelm’d in depths of woe,
Upon the tree of scorn,
Hangs the Redeemer of mankind,
With racking anguish torn.

See how the nails those hands
And feet so tender rend;
See! down His face, and neck, and breast,
His Sacred Blood descend!

Oh, hear that awful cry
His Spirit takes its flight;
That cry, it pierc’d his Mother’s heart
And whelm’d her soul in night.

Earth hears, and to its base
Rocks wildly to and fro;
Tombs burst; seas, rivers, mountains quake;
The veil is rent in two.

The sun withdraws his light;
The midday heav’ns grow pale;
The moon, the stars, the universe
Their Maker’s death bewail.

Shall man alone be mute?
Come, youth! And hoary hairs!
Come, rich and poor! come, all mankind!
And bathe those feet in tears.

Come! fall before His Cross,
Who shed for us his blood,
Who died, the victim of pure love,
To make us sons of God.

Jesu! all praise to Thee,
Our joy and endless rest!
Be Thou our guide while pilgrims here,
Our crown amid the blest.

Words:Roman Breviary, 1827; tr. Fr. Edward Caswall, 1849.
Tune:St. Bride” Samuel Howard, 1762.

Here is the original Latin text of this hymn:

Sævo dolorum turbine
Iactatur, atris obrutus
Pœnis, acerba sustinens,
Redemptor affixus Cruci.

Pedes manusque horribili
Clavi cruentant vulnere;
Cor, vultus, artus, pectora
Sacro redundant sanguine.

Flet, orat, et clamans obit;
Cor Matris ictum concidit;
Heu Mater! Heu Fili! dolor
Ingrata frangat pectora.

Montes, sepulcra, saxaque
Scinduntur; arva, flumina,
Rupes, et æquor contremunt,
Templique velum scinditur.

Sol, luna, cælum, sidera
Plangunt, et Orbis ingemit.
O vos viri, vos parvuli,
Nuptæ, puellæ, plangite,

Adstate mœrentes Cruci,
Pedes beatos ungite,
Lavate fletu, tergite
Comis, et ore lambite.

Tu, caritatis victima,
Ut nostra tollas crimina,
Nobis salubri perficis
Adoptionem Sanguine.

Nostra ergo pax et gaudium,
Sis vita, Iesu, et præmium,
Sis ductor et lux in via,
Merces, corona in Patria. Amen.


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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