Lord Of Love We Know Full Surely

LORD of Love, we know full surely
Thou art with us here today,
May we love and worship purely.
Lest Thy Presence pass away;
Ever shall we dwell securely
If Thou deign with us to stay.

By Thine inward consecration
Make our hearts Thy Temple true;
Let Thy bright illumination
Search our spirits through and through;
So shall we, Thy new creation.
Strive to pay Thee worship due.

Help our struggling will’s endeavour,
Ruling word and deed and thought;
Govern, lift us up for ever,
By Thy Life with ours inwrought;
Holy Master, leave us never;
Lacking Thee, our life is naught.

Thou within us, sanctifying,
Steadfast may we still remain^
Follow Thee in self-denying,
Counting worldly loss as gain;
Day by day to evil dying,
That Thy Life in us may reign.

Thine be all our heart’s affection,
Thine our inmost mind and will;
Thus, with sacred recollection
In Thy Courts abide we still,
Safe in Thy most sure protection,
Dwelling on Thy holy hill. Amen.

Words: Rev. George H. Bourne, 19th Century
Tune:St. Bede” Philip Armes, 1875.


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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