O Christ The King Of Human Life

O Christ, the King of human life,
In royal bounty pour
On these Thy servants, man and wife,
Thy blessing evermore.

On ties of home, in life, in death,
Thy seal divine was set:
Those thirty years at Nazareth
Thou, Lord, rememberest yet!

And by those holy years, we pray,
To these Thine own be nigh:
Their common life from day to day
Direct and sanctify.

At Cana’s marriage first didst Thou
Thy glory manifest;
Oh, come to be among us now
A wonder-working guest!

Poor weakly elements are ours,
But wealth and might are Thine:
Rule earthly life by heavenly powers,
The water change to wine!

And in Thy faith, and in Thy fear,
May these united be,
True type of those Espousals dear
Between Thy Church and Thee.

So let them both at last attain
That better country coast,
Where with the Father Thou dost reign,
And with the Holy Ghost.


Words: George Hugh Bourne, 1867.
Tune: St. Edmund (Hoyte)” William S. Hoyte, 1875.
Alternate Tune:Southwell (Irons)” Herbert S. Irons, 1861.


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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