Rejoice, O Ye Spirits And Angels On High!

This hymn was used as the hymn for I Vespers on the Solemnity of the Assumption in the Paris Breviary (1736 Edition).

Rejoice, O ye Spirits and Angels on High!
This day the pure Mother of Love
By death was set free; and ascending the sky,
Was welcom’d by Jesus, with triumph and joy,
To th’Courts of His glory above.

O Virgin Divine! What treasures are thine!
What power and splendour untold!
With flesh thou hadst cloth’d the Lord of all might; –
He clothes thee in turn with His infinite Light,
And a radiant vesture of gold.

He, Who on thy breast found nurture and rest,
Is now thy ineffable Food;
And He, Who from thee in the flesh lay conceal’d,
Now gives thee, beholding His glory reveal’d
To drink from the fulness of God.

Through thy virginal womb what graces have come!
What glories encompass thy throne!
Where next to thy Son, thou sittest a Queen,
Exalted on high, above Angels and men!
Inferior to Godhead alone!

Then hear us we pray, on this blessed Day;
Remember we also are thine;
And deign for thy children with Jesus to plead,
That He may forgive us, and grant us in need
His strength and protection divine.

All praise to the Father, who chose for His Son,
A Mother, the Daughter of Eve;
All praise to the glorious Child of her womb;
All praise to the Infinite Spirit, by Whom
Her glory it was to conceive.

Words: Jean-Baptiste de Santeüil in the 1680 Paris Breviary ;tr. Fr. Edward Caswall, 1849.
Tune: So far as I can tell, no tune exists in this meter.
Meter: (

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.


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