Christ’s Peerless Crown Is Pictur’d In

This hymn is a hymn for Lauds on the Friday after Quinquagesima Sunday, dedicated to the Most Holy Crown of Thorns of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The text comes from the Office of the Instruments of the Passion, or the Passion Offices, and was translated by Fr. Caswall for the Lyra Catholica in 1849.

Christ’s peerless Crown is pictur’d in
The figures of the Law:
The Ram entangled in the thorns;
The Bush which Moses saw;

The Rainbow girding round the ark;
The Table’s crown of gold;
The Incense which in waving wreaths
Around the Altar roll’d.

Hail, glorious Crown! which didst the pangs
Of dying Jesus feel;
Thou dost the brightest gems outshine,
And all the stars excel.

Praise, honour, to the Father be,
Praise to his only Son;
Praise to the blessed Paraclete
While endless ages run.

The original Latin text of this hymn is as follows:

Legis figuris pingitur
Christi Corona nobilis:
Implexa Spinis victima,
Ardensque testatur rubus.

Arcam corona cinxerat,
Mensæque sacrum circulum
Aramque thure fumidam,
Coronam nectit ambiens.

Christi dolorum conscia
Salve Corona gloriæ.
Gemmis et auro pulchrior
Vinces coronas siderum.

Virtus, honor, laus, gloria
Deo Patri cum Filio,
Sancto simul Paraclito,
In saeculorum sæcula. Amen.


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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