Dread Framer Of The Earth And Sky!

This hymn is for Lauds on Sundays from Epiphany until Lent and from September 28 to November 26 in the Extraordinary Form. In the Ordinary Form, this hymn is for Lauds/Morning Prayer on Sundays I & III in Ordinary Time in the Ordinary Form.

Dread Framer of the earth and sky!
Who dost the light and darkness give!
And all the cheerful change supply
Of alternating morn and eve!

Light of the midnight traveller!
Who dost divide the day from night! —
Loud crows the dawn’s shrl harbinger,
And wakens up the sunbeams bright.

Forthwith at this, the darkness chill
Retreats before the star of morn;
And from their busy schemes of ill,
The vagrant crews of night return.

Fresh hope, at this, the sailor cheers;
The waves their stormy strife allay;
The Church’s Rock at this, in tears,
Hastens to wash his guilt away.

Arise ye, then, with one accord!
Nor longer wrapt in slumber lie;
The cock rebukes all who their Lord
By sloth neglect, by sin deny.

At his clear cry joy springs afresh;
Health courses through the sick man’s veins;
The dagger glides into its sheath;
The fallen soul her faith regains.

Jesu! look on us when we fall;—
One momentary glance of thine
Can from her guilt the soul recal
To tears of penitence divine.

Awake us from false sleep profound,
And through our senses pour thy light;
Be thy blest name the first we sound
At early dawn, the last at night.

To God the Father glory be,
And to his sole-begotten Son;
The same, O Holy Ghost, to Thee,
While everlasting ages run.

Words: St. Ambrose, 4th C.; tr. Fr. Edward Caswall, 1849.
Tune:Aeterne Rerum Conditor” Gregorian Chant, Mode I, traditional.

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.


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