Glory And Praise To Thee, Redeemer Blest

This is the traditional processional hymn for Palm Sunday

Refrain: Glory and praise to Thee, Redeemer blest!
To whom their glad hosannas children pour’d;
Hail, Israel’s King! hail, David’s Son confess’d!
Who comest in the name of Israel’s Lord.

Thy praise in Heav’n the Host angelic sings;
On earth mankind, with all created things.

Thee once with palms the Jews went forth to meet;
Thee now with prayers and holy hymns we greet.

Thee, on thy way to die, they crown’d with praise;
To Thee, now King on high, our song we raise.

Thee their poor homage pleas’d, O gracious King!
Ours too accept, —the best that we can bring.

Words: St. Theodulph of Orléans, 9th C.
Music: Gloria Laus et Honor” Gregorian Chant, Mode I, traditional.

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.


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