Veni Creator Spiritus

This hymn to the Holy Spirit is used frequently in the life of the Church, including ordinations, Pentecost and Confirmation. In the Extraordinary Form of the Office, it is used for Vespers on Pentecost. According to the Liber Hymnarius, it is used for Sunday and weekday Vespers between Ascension and Pentecost in the Ordinary Form.

Veni, Creator Spiritus,
Mentes tuorum visita,
Imple superna gratia
Quæ tu creasti pectora.

Qui diceris Paraclitus,
Altissimi donum Dei,
Fons vivus, ignis, caritas,
Et spiritalis unctio.

Tu, septiformis munere,
Digitus paternæ dexteræ,
Tu rite promissum Patris,
Sermone ditans guttura.

Accende lumen sensibus:
Infunde amorem cordibus:
Infirma nostri corporis
Virtute firmans perpeti.

Hostem repellas longius,
Pacemque dones protinus:
Ductore sic te prævio
Vitemus omne noxium.

Per te sciamus da Patrem,
Noscamus atque Filium;
Teque utriusque Spiritum
Credamus omni tempore.

Deo Patri sit gloria,
Et Filio, qui a mortuis
Surrexit, ac Paraclito,
In sæculorum sæcula. Amen.

Words: Attr. Rabanus Maurus (776-856)
Tune:Veni Creator Spiritus” Gregorian Chant, Mode VIII, traditional.
Meter: 88.88

Here is a sung version

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
Come Holy Ghost Our Souls Inspire
Come, O Creator Spirit!
Come, O Creator Spirit blest!
Creator Spirit! By Whose Aid


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