Iesu Nostra Redemptio

This hymn is used for Vespers and Lauds on the Solemnity of the Ascension in the Extraordinary form. It is used for Vespers in the Ordinary Form on the same feast. It was used for Lauds for the Feast of the Ascension in the Paris Breviary (1736).

Iesu nostra redemptio,
Amor et desiderium,
Deus creator omnium,
Homo in fine temporum.

Quæ te vincit clementia,
Ut ferres nostra crimina,
Crudelem mortem patiens,
Ut nos a morte tolleres.

Inferni claustrum penetrans,
Tuos captivos redimens,
Victor triumpho nobili,
Ad dexteram Patris residens.

Ipsa te cogat pietas,
Ut mala nostra superes,
Parcendo et voti compotes
Nos tuo vultu saties.

Tu esto nostrum gaudium,
Qui es futurus præmium,
Sit nostra in te gloria,
Per cuncta semper sæcula. Amen.

Words: Anonymous Latin*, 7th-8th C.
Tune:Iesu Nostra Redemptio” Gregorian Chant, Mode IV, traditional.
Meter: 88.88

*This hymn has been attributed to St. Ambrose at times.

The hymn takes the following form in Pope Urban VIII’s 1632 reform of the Breviary:

Salutis humanæ Sator,
Iesu voluptas cordium,
Orbis redempti Conditor,
Et casta lux amantium.

Qua victus es clementia,
Ut nostra ferres crimina?
Mortem subires innocens,
A morte nos ut tolleres?

Perrumpis infernum chaos,
Vinctis catenas detrahis;
Victor triumpho nobili
Ad dexteram Patris sedes.

Te cogat indulgentia,
Ut damna nostra sarcias,
Tuique vultus compotes
Dites beato lumine.

Tu dux ad astra, et semita,
Sis meta nostris cordibus,
Sis lacrimarum gaudium,
Sis dulce vitæ præmium. [Amen.]

One text I have come across adds the following closing doxology after the verse “Tu dux… etc.”:

Iesu, tibi sit gloria,
Qui victor in cælum redis,
Cum Patre et almo Spiritu,
In sempiterna sæcula. Amen.

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
O Thou Pure Light of Souls that Love
O Jesu! Our Redemption!


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