Oh King Of Earth And Air And Sea!

This is the original text of this hymn as it appeared in the 1827 Hymns adapted to the Weekly Service of the Church Year. It was originally written for use on the Fourth Sunday in Lent.

Oh King of earth and air and sea!
The hungry ravens cry to Thee;
To Thee the scaly tribes that sweep
The bosom of the boundless deep;

To Thee the lions roaring call,
The common Father, kind to all!
Then grant Thy servants, Lord! we pray,
Our daily bread from day to day!

The fishes may for food complain;
The ravens spread their wings in vain;
The roaring lions lack and pine;
But, God! Thou carest still for thine!

Thy bounteous hand with food can bless
The bleak and lonely wilderness;
And Thou hast taught us, Lord! to pray
For daily bread from day to day!

And oh, when through the wilds we roam
That part us from our heavenly home;
When, lost in danger, want, and woe,
Our faithless tears begin to flow;

Do Thou Thy gracious comfort give,
By which alone the soul may live;
And grant Thy servants, Lord! we pray,
The bread of life from day to day!

Words: Reginald Heber (1783-1826), published 1827.
Tune:Illsley (Bishop)” John Bishop, 1711.
Alternate Tune:Rex Terrarum” Thomas F. Dunhill, 1903.
Meter: 88.88


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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