Inclitos Christi

This hymn is used for Vespers for the Common of more than One Confessor who is a Bishop as well as the Common of more than one Confessor who is not a Bishop in the Extraordinary Form. It is used Vespers for the Common of holy men for more than one saint in the Ordinary Form.

Inclitos Christi famulos canamus,
Quos, fide claros nitidisque gestis,
Hac die tellus, sociata caelo,
Laudibus ornat.

Quippe qui mites, humiles, pudici,
Nesciam culpae coluere vitam,
Donec e terris animus volavit
Liber ad astra.

Inde iam gaudent miseris adesse,
Flentium tergunt lacrimas, medentur
Mentium plagis, vitiata reddunt
Membra saluti.

Nostra laus ergo resonet benignis
Usque patronis, referatque grates;
Qui pia pergant ope nos iuvare
Rebus in arctis.

Sit salus illi, decus atque virtus,
Qui, super caeli solio coruscans,
Totius mundi seriem gubernat
Trinus et unus. Amen.

Words: Petrus Piacenza (d. 1919).
Tune:Inclitos Christi” Gregorian Chant, Mode II.

The Breviary of 1960 notes that the hymns in the section of the Common of Saints are in accord with a decree of the Congregation of Sacred Rites of 22 May, 1914.

So far as I can tell, there’s no English translation of this hymn extant.


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