Pater Superni Luminis

This hymn is used for Vespers on the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen in the Extraordinary Form.

Pater superni luminis,
Cum Magdalenam respicis,
Flammas amoris excitas,
Geluque solvis pectoris.

Amore currit saucia
Pedes beatos ungere,
Lavare fletu, tergere
Comis, et ore lambere.

Astare non timet Cruci,
Sepulcro inhæret anxia:
Truces nec horret milites,
Pellit timorem caritas.

O vera, Christe, caritas,
Tu nostra purga crimina,
Tu corda reple gratia,
Tu redde cæli præmia.

*Patri, simulque Filio,
Tibique Sancte Spiritus,
Sicut fuit, sit iugiter
Sæclum per omne gloria. Amen.

Words: St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J. (1542-1621).
Tune:Pater Superni Luminis” Gregorian Chant, Mode III, traditional.
Meter: 88.88

*The following doxology is  used in the 1604 recension of the Roman Breviary under Pope Clement VIII:

Deo Patri sit gloria,
Eiusque soli Filio,
Cum Spiritu paraclito
Et nunc et in perpetuum. Amen.

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
Father of Lights! One Glance of Thine


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