O Quot Undis Lacrimarum

This hymn is used for the Matins on the (September) Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Extraordinary Form.

O quot undis lacrimarum,
Quo dolore volvitur,
Luctuosa de cruento
Dum, revulsum stipite,
Cernit ulnis incubantem
Virgo Mater filium!

Os suave, mite pectus,
Et latus dulcissimum,
Dexteramque vulneratam,
Et sinistram sauciam,
Et rubras cruore plantas
Aegra tingit lacrimis.

Centiesque milliesque
Stringit arctis nexibus
Pectus illud, et lacertos,
Illa figit vulnera:
Sicque tota colliquescit
In doloris osculis.

Eia Mater, obsecramus
Per tuas has lacrimas,
Filiique triste funus,
Vulnerumque purpuram,
Hunc tui cordis dolorem
Conde nostris cordibus.

Esto Patri, Filioque,
Et coævo Flamini,
Esto summæ Trinitati
Sempiterna gloria,
Et perennis laus, honorque
Hoc, et omni sæculo. Amen.

Words: ascr. Callisto Palumbella, 1720.
Tune:O Quot Undis Lacrimarum” Gregorian Chant, Mode II.
Meter: 87.87.87

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
What a Sea of Tears and Sorrow


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