Custodes Hominum

This hymn is used for Vespers & Matins on the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Breviary.. It is used for Vespers on the same Feast in the Ordinary Form. It is also used for Vespers I & II and Nocturns for the same Feast in the Paris Breviary (1736).

Custodes hominum psallimus angelos,
Naturæ fragili quos Pater addidit
Cælestis comites, insidiantibus
Ne succumberet hostibus.

Nam quod corruerit proditor angelus,
Concessis merito pulsus honoribus,
Ardens invidia pellere nititur
Quos cælo Deus advocat.

Huc custos igitur pervigil advola,
Avertens patria de tibi credita
Tam morbos animi, quam requiescere
Quidquid non sinit incolas.

*Sanctæ sit Triadi laus pia iugiter,
Cuius perpetuo numine machina
Triplex hæc regitur, cuius in omnia
Regnat gloria sæcula. Amen.

Word: St. Robert Bellarmine, ca. 16th C.
Tune:Custodes Hominum” Gregorian Chant, Mode III, traditional.

*The Paris Breviary closes this hymn with the following doxology instead:

Qui lucis Pater est, gloria sit Patri:
Qui lux ipsa Patris, gloria Filio:
Amborumque tibi, nexus amabilis,
Compar gloria, Spiritus.

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
And Are There Then Celestial Habitants
Praise We Those Ministers Celestial


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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