Thy Body With Long Fastings Worn

This hymn is used for Matins on the Feast of St. John Cantius (of Kenty) in the Extraordinary Form.

Thy body with long fastings worn;
Thy flesh with cruel scourgings torn;
Twas thine to live, O blessed Saint,
A pure and spotless penitent.

Oh, may we follow after thee,
And imitate thy purity!
And by the Spirit strive to tame
The passions of this mortal frame!

Thou to the poor in winter’s snow
Oft thy own raiment didst bestow;
By hunger or by thirst oppress’d,
They flew to thy parental breast.

O thou, who none didst e’er deny
Of those who sought thy charity,
Thy native land from harm defend,
And peace on all her borders send!

Praise to the Father, with the Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One;
Jesu, through thy dear servant’s prayer,
May we thy joys eternal share.

Words: Anonymous Latin, 18th C.; tr. Fr. Edward Caswall, C.O., 1849.
Tune: TBD…
Meter: 88.88

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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