O Lovely Light Of Fatherland!

This hymn is used for Lauds the Feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in the Extraordinary Form.

O lovely light of fatherland!
Kind beacon to Slavonic race,
Brothers, all hail! your festival
With yearly canticle we grace.

Whom Rome applauding did receive,
As mother doth her sons embrace,
With pontiff’s miter deck your brows,
Gird with new strength, new toil to face.

To far-off barb’rous lands ye hie,
Knowledge and love of Christ to bear;
Whom error vain had long deceived,
Ye now with light replenish fair.

In hearts unfettered from the grasp
Of ill, doth heav’nly ardor glow;
Where horrid thorns the land devoured,
The flowers of holiness now grow.

At length in heav’nly court enthroned,
Ye rest securely; as we pray,
Oh, hear our cry: the Slavic race
Vouchsafe from God may never stray.

All wanderers plunged in errors dark
May Christ’s one fold to union bring;
While emulous of ancestral deeds
May faith to new-born beauty spring.

Do Thou, O blissful Trinity,
Inflame us with Thy heav’nly fires,
And grant the sons may ever tread
The noble footsteps of their sires.

Words: R. P. Leanetti & Rmo Salvati, late 19th C.; tr. Benedictines of Stanbrook Abbey, 1916.
Tune:Llef” G.H. Jones, 1849-1919.
Meter: 88.88

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.


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