O Quam Iuvat Fratres Deus

This hymn was used for Vespers on Tuesdays in Ordinary Time in the Paris Breviary (1736).

О quam iuvat fratres, Deus,
Unum quibus Christus caput
Vitale robur sufficit,
Uno moveri spiritu!

Quam dulce laudes dicere
Una tibi cunctos domo,
Precumque ceu facta manu,
Inferre vim gratam tibi!

Hanc quisque diligat domum;
Hanc pace concors recreet:
Væ dira qui spargit malus
Dissensionum semina.

Sed damna cedunt in lucrum
Te, Christe, diligentibus;
Augent coronas prælia;
Prosuntque, dum nocent, mali.

Vox blanda sævit tristius,
Dum pectus incautum subit,
Lapsuque cæco dulcibus
Laudum venenis inficit.

Præsta, beata Trinitas,
Ut caritate mutua
Prosimus alter alteri,
Regnemus et polo simul. Amen.

Words: Fr. Charles Coffin, 1736.
Tune: Unknown
Meter: 88.88

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
Happy Are They, They That Love God
O Lord, How Joyful ‘Tis to See


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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