Hail O Star That Pointest

This hymn is used for Vespers for Marian feasts throughout the year in the Common of Saints for the BVM in the Extraordinary Form. It is used for Vespers II in the Commons for the BVM in the Ordinary Form.

Hail, O star that pointest
Towards the port of Heaven,
Thou to whom as maiden
God for Son was given.

When the salutation
Gabriel had spoken,
Peace was shed upon us,
Eva’s bonds were broken.

Bound by Satan’s fetters,
Health and vision needing,
God will aid and light us
At thy gentle pleading.

Jesu’s tender mother,
Make thy supplication
Unto Him who chose thee
At His incarnation;

That, O matchless maiden,
Passing meek and lowly,
Thy dear Son may make us
Blameless, chaste and holy.

So, as now we journey
Aid our weak endeavor,
Till we gaze on Jesus,
And rejoice forever.

Father, Son and Spirit,
Three in One confessing,
Give we equal glory,
Equal praise and blessing.

Words: Anonymous Latin, ca. 8th C.; tr. John Athelstan Riley, 1906.
Tune:Ave Maris Stella” 18th C melody.
Alternate Tune:St. Martin” Caspar Ett, 1840.
Meter: 66.66

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.


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