O Pastor Israel

The Paris Breviary of 1736 adds two antiphons to Great Antiphons/O Antiphons sung at the Magnificat at Vespers during the last days of Advent in order to create a novena leading up to Christmas Eve Starting on December 15 and going to December 23. This antiphon is used on December 23 in the Paris Breviary.

O Pastor Israel, et dominator in domo David, cuius egressus ab initio, a diebus æternitatis; veni ut pascas populum tuum in fortitudine, et regnes in iustitia et iudicio.

Words: Paris Breviary, 1736.
Tune: Unknown.

This is the English translation used by A.C.A. Hall in his 1914 article on the O Antiphons:

O Shepherd of Israel and Ruler of the house of David, whose goings forth have been from of old, from ancient days: Come and feed Thy people in the strength of the Lord, and reign in judgment and righteousness.


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