Cælestis Aula Panditur

This hymn was used as the hymn for Nocturns for the Common of Virgins when not a Martyr in the Paris Breviary (1736).

Cælestis aula panditur:
En sponsus; omnes obviæ,
Exite sponso Virgini,
Exite, sponsæ Virgines.

Hæc nuptialis est dies,
Quæ, longa post suspiria,
Dat omnibus, dat singulis
Iam plenius frui Deo.

Quæ casta vobis gaudia,
Quos afflet ignes, dicite:
Ab ore cuius purior
Torrens voluptas effluit?

Hunc propter unum viluit
Superba Regum purpura:
Dotata quæ sponso Deo,
Quid Virgo terris ambiat?

O virginales nuptiæ,
Per quas caro fit spiritus!
O dulce vinclum, iungitur
Quo mens Deo, menti Deus!

Sit laus Patri, laus Filio .
Sit par tibi laus, Spiritus,
Divina qui perennibus
Firmas sigillis fœdera. Amen.

Words: Fr. Jean-Baptiste Santeul, 17th C.
Tune: Unknown.
Meter: 88.88


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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