Hæc Illa Solemnis Dies

This hymn was used for Vespers I & II on the Feast of the Annunciation and Incarnation of the Lord in the Paris Breviary (1736).

Hæc illa solemnis dies,
Dies salutis nuntia,
Qua missa cælo, tristibus
Venere terris gaudia.

Unius omnes crimine,
Casu gravi lapsi sumus:
Ut ipse lapsos erigat,
Descendit in terras Deus.

Qui Patris æterno sinu,
Æterna proles nascitur,
Obnoxius fit tempori,
Sinum nec horret Virginis.

Mortale corpus induit,
Orbi piando victimam;
Ut innocenti sanguine,
Scelus nocentum diluat.

Qui cuncta complet numine,
Nostros se in artus colligit:
Ut nos reducat ad Deum,
Est ipse nobiscum Deus.

Mundo Redemptor qui venis,
Fili, tibi laus maxima,
Cum Patre, nec tibi minor
Laus, utriusque Spiritus. Amen.

Words : Fr. Jean-Baptiste Santeul, 17th C.
Tune: Unknown.
Meter 88.88

This hymn has been translated into English as the following:
This Is the Day, the Solemn Day


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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