Lætabundus Exultet Fidelis Chorus

This hymn was widely used as the Sequence hymn for Christmas in the Middle Ages, and was used as such in the Sarum Missal. It was also used as the hymn for Vespers II on the Feasts of the Purification, the Assumption and the Nativty of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Feb. 2, Aug. 15, & Sept. 8) in the Sarum Breviary.

Exsultet* fidelis chorus.

Regem regum
Intactæ profudit thorus:
Res miranda.

Angelus consilii
Natus est de Virgine:
Sol de stella.

Sol occasum nesciens,
Stella semper rutilans,
Semper clara.

Sicut sidus radium,
Profert Virgo Filium,
Pari forma.

Neque sidus radio,
Neque Mater filio,
Fit corrupta.

Cedrus alta Libani
Conformatur hyssopo,
Valle nostra;

Verbum Ens Altissimi
Corporari passum est,
Carne sumpta.

Isaias** cecinit,
Synagoga meminit,
Numquam tamen desinit
Esse cæca.

Si non suis vatibus,
Credat vel gentilibus;
Sibyllinis*** versibus
Hæc prædicta.

Infelix, propera,
Crede vel vetera:
Cur damnaberis,
Gens misera?

Quem docet littera,
Natum considera:
Ipsum genuit puerpera.
Alleluia.**** Amen.

Words: Attr. St. Bernard of Clairvaux, 12th C.
Tune:Lætabundus” Gregorian chant, Mode VI.
Meter: Irreg.

*Also spelled exultet
**Sarum Breviary spells Esaias/Esayas
***Spelling varies in sources between what is shown and “Sybillinis” or “Sibillinis”
****Sarum Breviary omits this Alleluia


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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