Ye Saintly Choirs That Round The Regal Seat

This hymn was used as the hymn for Nocturns on the Solemnity of All Saints (November 1) in the Paris Breviary (1736 Edition).

This is the original text of the hymn as it appears in Isaac Williams’s Hymns Translated from the Parisian Breviary (1839):

Ye saintly choirs, that round the regal seat,
Through Heav’n’s eternal palace, endless throng,
May we with voice for mortal not unmeet,
Join your eternal song.

Myriads of spiritual hosts the throne around
Stand with their votive offerings, day and night ;
There doth the herald Baptist dive profound
In the deep flood of light.

There they, whose voice sounding Christ crucified,
Like thunder went about from strand to strand,
With the anointed Prophets by their side,
The twelve great Preachers stand.

There in their purple stole are Martyrs seen,
And Virgins white that knew no earthly flame,
Like roses which with lilies blend between,
The victim’s wreath to frame.

They who have fed their flocks are feeding there
In God’s own fulness, brought for ever near;
And they who wept,—a Father’s calming care
Wipes away every tear.

Glory to Him from whom all blessings flow,
To Him who ransom’d man’s lost destinies,
To Him who kindles in the soul below
The torch that never dies! Amen.

Words: Fr. Jean-Baptiste de Santeul, 17th C.; tr. Isaac Williams, 1839.
Tune: “Psalm 22” Louis Bourgeois, 1542.

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.

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