O God Of Life Whose Power Benign

This is the text as it appears in  Hymns Ancient and Modern (1867):

O God of Life, Whose Power benign
Doth o’er the world in mercy shine,
Accept our praise, for we are Thine.

O Father, all-creating(1) Lord,
Be Thou by every tongue(2) implored,
Be Thou by every heart adored.(3)

O Son of God, for sinners slain,
We bless Thee, Lord, Whose dying Pain
For us did endless Life regain.

O Holy Ghost, Whose guardian Care
Doth us for heavenly joys prepare,
May we in Thy Communion share.

O Holy Blessèd Trinity!
With faith we sinners bow to Thee;
In heaven and earth(5) exalted be. Amen.

Words: Arthur Toker Russell, 1848.
Tune:St. Aidan” F.R. Grey, 1813-1890.
Meter: 8.8.8

Hymns Ancient and Modern notes that the following are the original words that were altered in that hymnal:
(1) uncreated
(2) in every land
(3) with faith by all implored.
(4) us, O God,


About Noah

musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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