Room For The Proud! Ye Sons Of Clay

This is the original text of this hymn as it appeared in the 1827 Hymns adapted to the Weekly Service of the Church Year. It was originally written for use on the First Sunday after Trinity Sunday.

Room for the Proud! Ye sons of clay
From far his sweeping pomp survey,
Nor, rashly curious, clog the way
His chariot wheels before!

Lo! with what scorn his lofty eye
Glances o’er Age and Poverty,
And bids intruding Conscience fly
Far from his palace door!

Room for the Proud! but slow the feet
That bear his coffin down the street:
And dismal seems his winding-sheet
Who purple lately wore!

Ah! where must now his spirit fly
In naked, trembling agony?
Or how shall he for mercy cry,
Who shew’d it not before!

Room for the Proud! in ghastly state
The lords of Hell his coming wait,
And flinging wide the dreadful gate,
That shuts to ope no more,

“Lo here with us the seat,” they cry,
“For him who mock’d at poverty,
And bade intruding Conscience fly
Far from his palace door!”

Words: Reginald Heber, publ. 1827.
Music: Caergybi” J. Dryhurst Roberts, 1862-1907.


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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