O Jesus! If In Days Gone By

This is the full, original text from an 1852 edition of Fr. Faber’s hymnal Jesus and Mary. It is listed under the title “The World.” in that hymnal:

O Jesus! if in days gone by
My heart hath loved the world too well,
It needs more love for love of Thee
To bid this cherished world farewell.

O yes! I can rejoice there are
So many things on earth to love,
So many idols for the fire,
My love and loyal change to prove.

He that loves most hath most to lose,
And willing loss is love’s best prize:
The more that Yesterday hath loved
The more To-day can sacrifice.

O Earth! thou art too beautiful!
And thou, dear Home! thou art too sweet!
The winning ways of flesh and blood
Too smooth for sinners’ pilgrim feet!

O bless thee, bless thee, lovely World!
That thou dost play so false a part,
And drive, like sheep into a fold,
Our loves into our Saviour’s Heart.

The woods and flowers, the running streams,
The sunshine of the common skies,
The round of household peace—what heart
But owns the might of these dear ties?

The sweetness of known faces is
A couch where weary souls repose;
Known voices are as David’s harp
Bewitching Saul’s oppressive woes.

And yet, bright World! thou art not wise;
O no! enchantress though thou art,
Thou art not skilful in thy way
Of dealing with a wearied heart.

If thou hadst kept thy faith with me,
I might have been thy servant still;
But, ah! lost love and broken faith,
Poor world! these are beyond thy skill.

This have I leaned upon, dear Lord!
This world hath had Thy rightful place;
O come, then, jealous King of love!
Come, and begin Thy reign of grace.

O banish me from all I love,
The smiles of friends, the old fireside,
And drive me to that home of homes,
The Heart of Jesus Crucified.

O take the light away from earth,
Take all that men can love from me;
Let all I lean upon give way,
That I may lean on nought but Thee!

Words: Fr. Frederick William Faber, C.O., 1849.
Tune: “Andernach” Andernach Gesangbuch, 1608.


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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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