Deo Fruentes, Fulgidæ

This hymn is used for Vespers I & II and Lauds for the Solemnity of All Saints (November 1) in the Ambrosian Breviary.

This is the text as it appears in the Ambrosian Breviary of 1830:

Deo fruentes, fulgidæ
Salvete cives patriæ,
Regni micantis aulici,
Portus beantis incolæ.

Solis nitore perpetis
Regina gaudet siderum:
Urbis volantes muniunt
Cælestis arcem milites.

Vallatur Urbs iaspide;
Fundant lapilli mœnia;
Illic prophetis assident
Legis duces apostoli.

Hic candidatus martyrum
Trophæa fert exercitus,
Qui dimicantes plurimo
Vicere mortem sanguine.

Hic infulati præsules
Et literarum lumina:
Illic sacerdotes sacra
Agni fruuntur victima.

Ieiuna eremus convenis
Apponit æternas dapes:
Hic virgines castissima
Sponso maritant lilia.

Et vos avete, cælites,
Quos nostra tellus æthere
Donavit, astris civium
Beata mittens agmina.

O turba magna, respice
Pulcræ Sionis exules;
Fac nos serentes lacrimis
Referre messem gaudii.

Deo Patri sit gloria
Eiusque soli Filio
Cum Spiritu Paraclito
Nunc et per omne sæculum. Amen.

Words: Ambrosian Breviary, 1830.*
Tune: Chant tone unknown.

*This is according to the information on this hymn in the Repertorium Hymnologicum.

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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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