Ye Clouds And Darkness, Hosts Of Night

This hymn is used for Lauds on Wednesdays throughout the year in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Breviary. It is used for Lauds on Wednesdays of Weeks I & III of Ordinary Time in the Ordinary Form. It was also used for Lauds on Wednesdays throughout the year in the Sarum Breviary.

This is the text of this hymn as it appears in The English Hymnal (1906) where it is listed as the Office Hymn for Wednesday Morning from Epiphany to Lent:

Ye clouds and darkness, hosts of night,
That breed confusion and affright,
Begone! o’erhead the dawn shines clear,
The light breaks in and Christ is here.

Earth’s gloom flees broken and dispersed,
By the sun’s piercing shafts coerced:
The day-star’s eyes rain influence bright,
And colours glimmer back to sight.

Thee, Christ, alone we know; to thee
We bend in pure simplicity;
Our songs with tears to thee arise;
Prove thou our hearts with thy clear eyes.

Though we be stained with blots within,
Thy quickening rays shall purge our sin;
Light of the Morning Star, thy grace
Shed on us from thy cloudless face.

All laud to God the Father be,
All praise, eternal Son, to thee;
All glory, as is ever meet,
To God the holy Paraclete. Amen.

Words: Aurelius Clemens Prudentius (384-413); tr. Robert Martin Pope, 1905.
Tune: “Nox et Tenebræ et Nubila” Gregorian Chant, Mode I, traditional.
Tune (The English Hymnal):Gaude, Regina Gloriae” Bohemian Brethren’s Gesangbuch, 1544.

The original Latin text of this hymn may be found here.

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