As The Radiant Dawn Is Stealing

This is the text of this hymn as it appears in the 10th edition (1906) of the St. Basil’s Hymnal (1889) where it is listed under “Sacred Heart”:

As the radiant dawn is stealing
Far up the glowing east,
To Thy faithful ones revealing,
A gain the happy Feast,
Sacred Heart in spirit lowly
I consecrate today,
Heart and soul, that I may wholly
Be Thine own dear Lord alway.
Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart,
Hear the prayer we now implore,
In living or dying,
We may love Thee more and more,
In living or dying,
We may love Thee more and more.

Thou art here in loving meekness,
Through ever changing years;
Thou hast strength for human weakness
And balm for human tears.
On the cross Thy heart was bleeding
My sins to wash away;
Now Thy heart for mine is(1) pleading
With fondest love today.

Thou whose angel choirs are telling
Of majesty divine,
How cans’t Thou desire the dwelling
Of such a heart as mine?
Love divine, grant that I never
From Thee by sin depart,
And my hope and stay forever
Will be Thy sacred heart.

Words: Elizabeth Cross Alexander, ca. 1892.
Tune (St. Basil Hymnal): Unnamed Tune.

(1) St. Basil’s Hymnal has “in” here, but this is a typo. I checked the text against another source.

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