O Lord Of Life And Death, We Come

This is the original text of this hymn as it appears in Church Hymns (1871) where it is listed as a hymn for Times of Trouble [Pestilence]:

O Lord of life and death, we come
In sorrow to Thy Throne;
Yet not bewildered, blind and dumb,
Before some power unknown.

The scourge is in our Father’s hand;
The plague comes forth from Thee;
Oh, give us hearts to understand,
And faith Thy ways to see!

Forgive the foul neglect that brought
Thy chastening to our door;
The homes uncared-for, souls untaught,
The unregarded poor.

The slothful ease, the greed of gain,
The wasted years, forgive;
Purge out our sins by needful pain,
Then turn, and bid us live.

So shall the lives for which we plead
Be spared to praise Thee still;
And we, from fear and danger freed,
Be strong to do Thy wjll. Amen.

Words: John Ellerton, 1871.
Tune (Church Hymns): “Windsor” George Kirbye, 1592.*

*This is the authorship as listed in Church Hymns with Tunes. Sources vary on author and year in the 16th century.

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