Hymnals By Individual Authors

This Page consists of primary texts such as hymn collections published by one author and compilations of original language texts.


Alexander, Cecil F.
Bonar, Horatius
Bridges, Matthew

Caswall, Fr. Edward, C.O.
Chandler, Rev. John
Coffin, Fr. Charles
Dix, William Chatterton
Faber, Fr. Frederick W., C.O.
Hernaman, Claudia Frances
Keble, Rev. John
Liguori, St. Alphonsus Maria, C.SS.R

Montgomery, James
Neale, Rev. John Mason
Newman, St. John Henry Cardinal, C.O.
Newton, John
de Santeul, Fr. Jean-Baptiste, C.R.S.A.
Toplady, Augustus
His Holiness Pope Urban VII
Watts, Isaac
Wesley, Charles & John
Williams, Isaac R.
Winkworth, Catherine