The Hymns Of The Primitive Church – 1837

Now First Collected, Translated and Arranged
The Rev. J. Chandler
Fellow Of Corpus Christi College, Oxford,
And Curate Of Witley
John W. Parker, West Strand.


NocturnThe first of days the light beheld
MatinsNow morning lifts her dewy veil
6 a. m.Once more the sun is beaming bright
9 a. m.Oh Holy Spirit, Lord of grace
Blest Spirit, one with God above
12 a. m.And now the sun’s meridian beams
Oh God of truth, Almighty Lord
3 p.m.And now the sun’s declining rays
Almighty God, thy throne above
EvensongOh Thou, whose throne is hid
Source of light and life divine
AdventWhile we our weary eyelids close
ChristmasOh holy Babe, our prayer receive
PresentationAnd now the day is past and gone
LentThou brightness of thy Father’s face
EasterOh thou, who wast for sinners slain
NocturnCome, let us praise the name of God
MatinsOur praises, Lord, thou dost not need
EvensongWhen storms and tempests o’er us roll
NocturnHe speaks the word; the floods obey
MatinsOh! tis our duty, first of all
EvensongOh Lord, how joyful ’tis to see
NocturnThe wonders of th’ Almighty hand
MatinsA faithful promise thou hast made
EvensongO God, the hateful pride of man
NocturnThe deep a two-fold offspring bore
MatinsOh, how can worthy praises, Lord
EvensongOh, God of our salvation, Lord
NocturnAnd now, O God, thy mind resolves
MatinsWhile thine avenging arrow, Lord
EvensongLament, ye saints, behold your God
NocturnAt length creation’s days are past
MatinsCreator of mankind
EvensongSupreme disposer of the heart
Morning HymnO Jesu, Lord of heavenly Grace
Awake, my soul, and with the sun
Evening HymnGlory to Thee, my God, this night
NocturnThe Advent of our God
MatinsOn Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry
Thy Father’s bosom thou didst leave
EvensongThe rolling years at length fulfil
EveThe Prince of Peace, to sinners given
NocturnCease, weary mortals, cease to sigh
While shepherds watched their flocks
MatinsOh! come ye faithful, and your homage bring
High let us swell our tuneful notes
EvensongJesus, thou holy Son of God
Hark, the herald angels sing
St. Stephen’s DayAh, wherefore doth the impious crowd
St. John’s DayBeloved disciple of thy Lord
Innocents’ Day
MatinsHail, infant martyrs, new-born victims
EvensongAs wolves attack their helpless prey
MatinsOh, happy day, when first was poured
Evensong‘Tis for conquering kings to gain
Sunday after Circumcision
NocturnThe word, who dwelt above the skies
MatinsIn stature grows the heavenly child
EvensongThrough Judah’s land
EpiphanyWhat star is this
Sundays after the Epiphany
MatinsThe voice of him who cries aloud
EvensongNow Jesus lifts his prayer on high
SeptuagesimaThou, great Creator, art possessed
SexagesimaOur God, in His celestial seat
QuinquagesimaOh, ye, who followed Christ in love
Season before LentAlleluia! best and sweetest
Oh! glorious is the song
NocturnThis solemn fast the Fathers saw
MatinsThe solemn season calls us now
EvensongThou gracious Author of our days
Good Friday
Nocturn ITo whom is our report made known?
Nocturn IIHis trial o’er, and now beneath
MatinsWhilst in the agonies of death
EvensongThe royal banner is unfurled
Now, my soul, thy voice upraising
Easter Sunday
NocturnCome, thou blest angelic throng
MatinsThis holy morn, so fair and bright
Hymn ISince Christ, our passover, is slain
Hymn IIChrist from the dead is raised
Hymn IIIJesus Christ is risen to-day
EvensongProtected by the Almighty hand
Ascension Day
NocturnOh, Jesu, Lord of heavenly grace
MatinsRedeemer! now thy work is done!
EvensongO Christ, our hope, our heart’s desire
Sunday after Ascension Day
NocturnOh, ’twas a day both bright and good
MatinsWhat terrors shake my trembling soul!
EvensongOh, Christ, who hast prepared a place
EveO Jesu, who art gone before
Nocturn I – Ruler of the hosts of light
Nocturn IICome, Holy Ghost, thou source of good
MatinsOur prayer is heard: the holy Dove
9 a. m.Come, Holy Ghost, Creator come
Trinity Sunday
MatinsThrice holy God, of wondrous might
EvensongO thou who dwellest bright on high
St. Paul
Matins‘Gainst what foemen art thou rushing
EvensongThe shepherd slain, the wolf returns
An Apostle
NocturnWhat feeble instruments, O Lord
MatinsHail! Princes of the host of heaven
EvensongHis only son the Father gave
MatinsLong time the fallen human race
EvensongThis is the day, the solemn day
An Evangelist’s Day.
MatinsThe law on Sinai’s fiery height
EvensongHeralds of Christ, to every age
St. Philip and St. James
NocturnAt length draws near
MatinsThe Lord hath burst the bonds
EvensongThe Son, upon His Father’s throne
St. Michael and all AngelsO Christ, who in heaven
All SaintsSpouse of Christ, to whom ’tis given
For a MinisterO Christ, who art our Pastor’s Lord
For a Departed Saint
NocturnThou little flock
Matins‘Tis not the blood-stained vest alone
EvensongThe man whose heart, most holy God
For a Young WomanBlest child of God, thy hallowed soul
For a Holy WomanThe loving heart, the bounteous hand
At the Death of a Holy WomanOh! happy the departed saint
Dedication of a Church
MatinsO city of our God
EvensongChrist is our corner-stone
Penitential HymnOh, that day of wrath dismaying
The First of MayAlmighty Father, just and good
For the Holy Communion
I.My God, and is thy table spread
II.Thou, God, all glory, honour, power
III.All ye who faithful servants are
Lamentation of a Sinner
O Lord, turn not thy face away
O Lord, in thee is all my trust
Hymn before Sermon – Come, Holy Spirit, God of might
1. Die, dierum principe
2. Ad templa nos rursus vocat
3. Iam lucis orto sidere 
4. Oh Fons Amoris, Spiritus
5. Nunc sancte nobis Spiritus
6. Iam solis excelsum Iubar
7. Rector potens, verax Deus
8. Labente iam solis rota
9. Rerum Deus tenax vigor
10. Oh! luce qui mortalibus
11. Lucis Creator optime
12. In noctis umbra desides
13. Mundi salus qui nasceris
14. Grates peracto iam die
15. Oh Splendor aeterni Patris
16. Iesu, redemptor seculi
17. Dei canamus gloriam
18. Nil laudibus nostris eges
19. Iactamur heu quot fluctibus!
20. Iubes, et in praeceps aquis
21. Te principem summo, Deus
22. Oh, quam iuvat fratres, Deus
23. Miramur, Oh Deus, tuae
24. Promittis, et servas datam
25. Horres superbos, nec tuam
26. Iisdem creati fluctibus
27. Dignas quis, O Deus, tibi
28. Oh! fortis, oh! clemens Deus
29. Iam sanctius moves opus
30. Ultricibus nos undique
31. Lugete, pacis angeli
32. Tandem peractis, oh Deus
33. Rerum Creator omnium
34. Supreme motor cordium
35. Splendor paternae gloriae
36. Instantis adventum Dei
37. Iordanis oras praevia
38. Statuta decreto Dei
39. Verbum supernum prodiens
40. Missum Redemptorem polo
41. Iam desinant suspiria
42. Adeste fideles, laeti triumphantes
43. Iesu, redemptor omnium
44. Quid, obstinata pectora
45. Iesu Tyranni pro fide
46. Salvete, flores Martyrum
47. Molles in agnos ceu lupus
48. Felix dies, quam proprio
49. Victis sibi cognomina
50. Verbum quod ante saecula
51. Divine crescebas Puer
52. Christus tenebris obsitam
53. Quae Stella sole pulcrior
54. Clamantis ecce vox sonans
55. Emergit undis, et Deo
56. Te laeta, mundi conditor
57. Rebus creatis nil egens
58. Vos ante Christi tempora
59. Alleluia, dulce carmen
60. Quod lex adumbravit vetus
61. Solemne nos ieiunii
62. Audi, benigne Conditor
63. Fando quis audivit, Dei
64. Opprobriis, Iesu, satur
65. Dum Christe, confixus cruci
66. Vexilla regis prodeunt
67. Prome vocem, mens, canoram
68. Adeste, Caelitum Chori
69. Aurora caelum purpurat
70. Forti tegente brachio
71. Salutis humanae Sator
72. Opus peregisti tuum
73. Iesu, nostra redemptio
74. Felix dies mortalibus
75. Sensus quis horror percutit?
76. Nobis Olympo redditus
77. Oh Christe, qui noster poli
78. Supreme Rector Caelitum
79. Veni, superne Spiritus
80. Audimur; almo Spiritus
81. Veni, Creator Spiritus
82. Ter sancte, ter potens Deus! 
83. Oh luce quae tua lates
84. Quos in hostes, Saule, tendis
85. Pastore percusso, minas
86. Supreme quales Arbiter
87. Caelestis aulae principes
88. Quem misit in terras Deus
89. Pulsum supernis sedibus
90. Haec illa solemnis dies
91. Sinae sub alto vertice
92. Christi perennes nuntii
93. Praedicta Christi mors adest
94. Dum morte victor obruta
95. Natus parenti redditus
96. Christe, qui sedes Olympo
97. Sponsa Christi, quae per orbem
98. Iesu, Sacerdotum Decus 
99. Summi pusillus grex Patris
100. Non parta solo sanguine
101. Qui te, Deus, sub intimo
102. Oh Virgo, pectus cui sacrum
103. Ardet Deo quae foemina
104. Oh iam beata, quae suo
105. Urbs Ierusalem beata
106. Angularis fundamentum
107. Dies irae, dies illa
108. Te Deum Patrem colimus