Salve Mundi Salutare

The mediaeval poem “Salve Mundi Salutare” is a lengthy poem written in seven stages to the various members of Christ’s Body as He suffers on the Cross. Traditionally it has been attributed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux, though more recently it has been attributed to Arnuph of Leuven. This text has been the source of numerous hymns in English both in its original Latin form and from its famous German language translation by Paul Gerhardt in 1609. Here is a list of all Seven Parts in the Original Latin as well as Gerhardt’s translation with the Engish translations of each part listed under the text on which it is based. Links are provided to each text as they become available:

Latin Text:
I. Ad Pedes (Feet) – Salve Mundi Salutare
“All The World’s Salvation Hail
“Jesus Hail, The World’s Salvation”
“Life of the World, I Hail Thee”
II. Ad Genua (Knees) – Salve, Salve Rex Sanctorum
“Jesu, King Of Saints, Whose Name”
“Hail, Thou King Of Saints Ascending”
“Hail! Thou Monarch Of Confessors”
III. Ad Manus (Hands) – Salve, Salve Iesu Bone
IV. Ad Latus (Side) – Salve Iesu, Summe Bonus
“Jesu, Good Beyond Comparing”
V. Ad Pectus (Breast) – Salve, Salus Mea Deus
VI. Ad Cor (Heart) – Summi Regis Cor Aveto
“Heart of Christ My King, I Greet Thee”
VII. Ad Faciem (Face) – Salve Caput Cruentatum
“Hail That Head With Sorrows Bowing”
“Hail That Head All Torn And Wounded”
“Hail, Thou Head! So Bruised And Wounded”
O Sacred Head, Surrounded“*
“Head, All Hail, With Gore Drops Scattered”

*This text is translated from the Latin, but follows the Meter of Gerhardt’s German text.

Gerhardt’s German Text:
I. Sei Mir Tausendmal Gegrüßet
“Thousand Times By Me Be Greeted”
“Ever By My Love Be Owned”
II. Gegrüßet Seist Du Meine Kron
III. Sei Wohl Gegrüßet, Guter Hirt
IV. Ich Grüße Dich Du Frömmster Mann
V. Gegrüßet Seist Du, Gott Mein Heil.
“All Hail To Thee My Saviour And My God”
“All Hail! My Saviour And My God”
VI. O Herz Des Königs Aller Welt
“O Heart Of Him Who Dwells On High”
VII. O Haupt Voll Blut Und Wunden
O Sacred Head! Now Wounded
“O Sacred Head! Once Wounded”
O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded
“O Sacred Head, So Wounded”
“O Blessed Christ, Once Wounded”
“O Lamb Of God, Once Wounded”
“Ah! Head So Pierced And Wounded”
“Ah Wounded Head That Bearest”
“Oh! Bleeding Head, And Wounded”
“Ah Wounded Head, Must Thou”
“Thou Pierced And Wounded Brow”
“Oh Head Blood-Stained, And Wounded”