Hymns of The Eastern Church – John Mason Neale (following the 5th Edition) – 1862, 1884

I. Hymns from the Paracletike

1. Fierce Was the Wild Billow
2. By Fruit, the Ancient Foe’s Device
3. And Wilt Thou Pardon, Lord
4. O Unity of Threefold Light
5. Are Thy Toils and Woes Increasing?
6. Stars of the Morning, So Gloriously Bright
7. Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid
8. Jesu, Name All Names Above

II. Hymns from the Triodion

9. The Abyss Of Many A Former Sin
10. That Fearful Day, That Day Of Speechless Dread
11. God Comes, And Who Shall Stand Before His Fear?
12. The Day Is Near, The Judgement Is At Hand
13. The Lord Draws Nigh, The Righteous Throne’s Assessor
14. Hither, And With One Accord
15. The Lord My Maker, Forming Me Of Clay
16. A Song, A Song Of Gladness!
17. Christian! Dost Thou See Them
18. Whence Shall My Tears Begin?
19. Jesus, Hastening For The World To Suffer
20. Oh The Mystery, Passing Wonder

III. Hymns from the Pentecostarion

21. The Day Of Resurrection
22. Come And Let Us Drink Of That New River
23. Stand On Thy Watch-Tower, Abbakoum The Seer
24. Let Us Rise In Early Morning
25. Into The Dim Earth’s Lowest Parts Descending
26. Who From The Fiery Furnace Saved The Three
27. Thou Hallow’d Chosen Morn Of Praise
28. Thou New Jerusalem, Arise And Shine!
29. Come, Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain
30. On the Rock of Thy Commandments
31. Christ, We Turn Our Eyes to Thee
32. Reconciliation’s Plan Devising
33. Exult, Ye Gentiles!
34. After Three Days Thou Didst Rise
35. Exalt, Exalt The Heavenly Gates
36. Jesus, Lord Of Life Eternal
37. Now That Death By Death Hath Found His Ending
38. Rain Down, Ye Heavens, Eternal Bliss
39. Wafting Him Up On High
40. Of Twofold Natures, Christ, the Giver
41. Holy Gift, Surpassing Comprehension
42. Vanities Earthly in Earth Will We Lay
43. Declare, Ye Angel Bands That Dwell On High
44. Eternal! After Thine Own Will
45. Darkness And Awe, When Sinai’s Top He Trod
46. Those Eternal Bowers

IV. Hymns from the Menaeon

47. In Bethlehem Is He Born
48. A Great And Mighty Wonder
49. Christ Is Born! Tell Forth His Fame!
50. Him, Οf Τhe Father’s Very Essence
51. Rod Οf Τhe Root Οf Jesse
52. Father Of Peace, And God Of Consolation!
53. As Jonah, Issuing From His Three-Days’ Tomb
54. The Holy Children Boldly Stand
55. The Dewy Freshness That The Furnace Flings
56. Oh Wondrous Myst’ry, Full Of Passing Grace!
57. The Lord and King of All Things
58. O Happy Band of Pilgrims
59. Safe Home, Safe Home In Port!
60. Let Our Choir New Anthems Raise
61. The Choirs of Ransomed Israel

V. Hymn from the Horologion

62. The Day Is Past And Over

VI. Hymns from the Evchologion

63. Take The Last Kiss – The Last For Ever!
64. Behold And Weep Me, Friends And Brethren!

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