Hymns Translated From The Parisian Breviary – 1839

Enquire of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of
their fathers:
For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days
upon earth are a shadow.—Job viii. 8, 9.
St. Paul’s Church Yard,
And Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.

For the Lord’s Day
At Midnight – Morn of morn and day of days
At the Matins – Morning Lifts Her Dewy Veil
At the First Hour – Now morn’s star hath woke from sleep
At the Third Hour – O Spirit, fount of love
At the Sixth Hour – The sun is soaring high
At the Ninth Hour – Now the day’s declining wheel
At the Vespers – O Thou who in the light dost dwell
At the Compline – And now the day is past and gone
For the Second Day
At Midnight – Glory to God on high
At the Matins – Our praise Thou need’st not, but Thy love
At the Vespers – Now us with winds and waves at war
For the Third Day
At Midnight – The word is given,—and waters flow
At the Matins – Thou first and chief dost, Lord, demand
At the Vespers – How sweet it is to see
For the Fourth Day
At Midnight – O God, we behold how Thy wondrous might
At the Matins – Thy promise, Lord, is our sure stay
At the Vespers – Thou dost, Lord, abhor the proud
For the Fifth Day
At Midnight – The fish in wave, and bird on wing
At the Matins – 
Lord, who worthy songs of praise
At the Vespers –
 Merciful and mighty Lord
For the Sixth Day
At Midnight – Now a holier work, O Lord
At the Matins – 
While Thine avenging arrows fall
At the Vespers –
 Angels of peace, look down from heav’n and mourn
For the Seventh Day
At Midnight – And now Thy labours, Lord, are done
At the Matins – 
Maker of all things, aid our hands
At the Vespers – 
Great Mover of all hearts, whose hand
In Advent
At Midnight – Our God approaches from the skies
At the Matins – 
Lo, the Baptist’s herald cry
At the Vespers –
 Deep hidden, by divine decree
At the Compline – And now, with shades of night opprest
On the Vigil of the Nativity
At the Compline – Infant, born the world to free
On the Nativity
At the First Vespers – Let all the earth her King adore
At Midnight –
 Away with sorrow’s sigh
At the Vespers –
 Jesu, born the world to free
On St. Stephen’s Day
At Midnight – Rightful Prince of martyrs thou
At the Matins – 
Why, stern of heart, and dull of ear
At the Vespers – Holy Love towards her foes
On St. John’s Day
At Midnight – Thou, whom before the rest
At the Matins – 
Oh, may my God, whom shade, and night
At the Vespers –
 Oh, for a saint like thee
On Innocents’ Day
At Midnight – Little flowers of martyrdom
At Midnight – 
As the wolf in fierceness sore
On the Circumcision
At the First Vespers – Ye legal elements
At Midnight –
 O happy day, when this our state
At the Matins – 
When Christ enter’d the world, and it lay still
At the Second Vespers –
 Let earthly tyrants title claim
On the Epiphany
At the First Vespers – What is that which shines afar
At the Matins –
 From princely walls in Eastern pomp array’ d
At the Vespers –
 Poor wanderers, who make your prayer
Before the Octave of the Epiphany
At Midnight – The star before doth stilly glide
On the Octave of the Epiphany
At the First Vespers – Judea’s desert heard a sound
At Midnight –
 It is not that the wave can wash our God
At the Matins – 
He rises from the wave, and now
On the Sundays after the Octave of the Epiphany
At the First Vespers – Word of Life, the eternal Son
At Midnight –
 Christ, to aid our fallen nature
At the Matins – 
And Thou art growing up, O Child divine!
At the Vespers – And now Heav’n’s growing light is manifest
On the Sabbath before Septuagesima
At the Vespers – Thou, Lord, in endless rest
On the Sundays from Septuagesima to Quadragesima
At Midnight – Thou of the things created nothing needing
At the Matins – 
Thou, Lord, alone dost us create
At the Vespers – Ye patriarchal saints and sires
In the Season of Lent
At Midnight – It is the holy fast
At the Matins – 
And now the season grave and deep
At the Vespers – Merciful Maker, hear our call
At the Compline – O Christ, blest effluence Divine
On the first Friday in Lent
At the Vespers – Draw out, sad heart, thy melody
At the Matins – Say, what strange love works Thee this sad unrest
On Passion Sunday
At the First Vespers – Who hath believed our report ? to whom
At Midnight – Up that dark hill funereal, faint with ill
At the Matins – 
O Thou, that nail’d upon the bleeding tree
At the Vespers – Is this the standard of a king ?
The Virgin Mary at the Cross
Not a parent’s stern control
In the Paschal Season Until the Ascension
At Midnight – Angels come, on joyous pinion
At the Matins – 
The new morn hath ris’n
At the Vespers – Bound by a holy charm
At the Compline – Thou, who to save
On the Ascension Day
At the First and Second Vespers – Blest Saviour, now Thy work is done
At Midnight –
 And now, glad earth, take up thine Hallelujah
At the Matins – 
Jesu, who our redemption art
On the Octave of the Ascension
At the First Vespers – Blest day, when doom’d to die no more
At Midnight –
 What is this horror?
At the Matins and Vespers – 
Thou, who dost build for us on high
On the Vigil of the Pentecost
At Midnight – O Thou, gone up, our harbinger
At the Matins – 
Dread King, to whom the angelic hosts do cry
On the Day of Pentecost
At the First Vespers – Come, Spirit from above!
At Midnight – ‘Mid dread whirlwinds wheeling round
At the Matins – 
Now our prayers are heard on high
At the Third Hour – Come Thou Creating Spirit blest
At the Second Vespers – Where thy Master’s glory
At the Compline  Hail Father of the poor, and Friend benign
On Trinity Sunday
At the First Vespers – Thrice holy, thrice Almighty Three
At Midnight – All-good, all-great, all-mighty, Three in One
At the Matins – 
O thou, who hidden art in Thine own light
On the Holy Eucharist
Solemn rites arise to view
The Word, who ever sits at God’s right hand
Speak, O tongue, the body broken
O dreadful, unapproached Deity
The Blessed Virgin Mary
As the sun o’er misty shrouds
O Thou sole Fountain of all good
On the Conversion of St. Paul
At the First Vespers – The Shepherd smitten is, and, lo
At Midnight –
 Whither, Saul, this raging sense
At the Matins – 
Lord, from out Thy glorious skies
On the Presentation of Christ in the Temple; or The Purification of the Virgin Mary
At the First Vespers – Sion, ope thy hallowed dome
At Midnight – Sweet  incense breathes around
At the Matins – 
Who now in helpless infancy
At Second Vespers – Tremble, ye Gentile lands
On the Annunciation
At the First Vespers – This is the festal light
At Midnight – The herald lights from Heav’n on golden wing,
At the Matins – 
Driven from their home, their pathway lost
On Joseph, the Husband of Mary
Ye whom the world hath taught to see
St. Philip and St. James
At the First Vespers – When from Death’s chambers Christ triumphant rose
At Midnight – Now the hour is drawing near
At the Matins – 
Now hath He oped afar the golden bars
St. John in Exile
John, by a tyrant’s stern command
St. Barnabas the Apostle
Crown’d with immortal jubilee
The Nativity of St. John the Baptist
At the First Vespers – Christ, who dost build the world again
At Midnight – Now from his cradle comes the child
At the Matins – 
Lo, from the desert homes
At the Second Vespers – Why linger’st thou, great John? thy Lord commands
St. Paul
Enough, O Paul, enough, and now
At the Matins – 
Yes, thou hast drain’d thy Master’s cup
The Virgin Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth
Ye mountains, bend ye low
St. Mary Magdalene
At the First Vespers – Avaunt, ye fiends unclean
At Midnight – Sad Mary feels in her own breast
At the Matins –
Why for thy Lord dost thou thus weep and mourn
St. Peter in Prison
At the Vespers – No brazen fetters have the captive bound
At the Matins – 
Where the prison bars surround him
On the Transfiguration
At the First and Second Vespers – Being, happy day, to light
At Midnight –
 How strongly and how sweetly still
At the Matins – 
Jesu, the heart’s own sweetness, and true light
St. John the Baptist beheaded in Prison
At the First Vespers – Who hither comes from shrines of the dark wood
At Midnight – Nor shall the Prophet ‘scape unharm’d
At the Matins – 
Behold, the price of courtly dance
At the Second Vespers – 
His open veins all flow with gore
Lazarus, Mary, and Martha
At the First Vespers – As Jesus sought His wandering sheep
At Midnight – Sing the Redeemer’s saving might!
At the Matins – 
Open is the rocky tomb
At the Second Vespers –
 Lo, Christ hath gone to Bethany
The blessed Virgin Mary
Mortal race, enwrapt in gloom
St. Michael and all Angels
At the First Vespers – O Christ, who sit’st with God on high
At the Matins – O Thou, around whose everlasting throne
Guardian Angels
At the Vespers – And are there then celestial habitants
At the Matins – 
Where the angelic hosts adore Thee
On the Vigil of All Saints
At Midnight – Soldiers, who to Christ belong
At the Matins – 
O heavenly Jerusalem
All Saints’ Day
At the First and Second Vespers –
 Ye that are now in heavenly glory one
At the Compline Ye saintly choirs, that round the regal seat
At the Matins – Ye in the house of heavenly morn
The Octave of All Saints (On the Mortal Remains of the Dead)
At the Vespers – Reverence their poor and sadly dear remains!
At the Matins – 
Ye holy ones departed be around
The Commemoration of Apostles
At Midnight – Disposer Supreme
At the Matins – 
Ye captains of a heavenly host
At the Second Vespers –
 He whom the Father sent to die
At the Vespers – Christ’s everlasting messengers
At the Matins – 
When from the mount the Law was given
–a Martyr
At the First Vespers – Our Lord the path of suffering trod
At Midnight – How happy the mortal
At the Matins – 
Fear no more for the torturer’s hand
–many Martyrs
At Midnight – Of the martyrs we sing
At the Matins – 
O Christ, on the dark way where Thou art leading
O Christ, the chief of Pastors, Head and Crown
At Midnight –
 Christ, by Thy Father’s high decree
At the Matins – 
Jesu, who didst Thy pastor crown
At the First Vespers – O Thou, our only Teacher and true Friend
At Midnight – Gently lift thy starry head
At the Matins –
Hail, glorious lights, kindled at God’s own urn
At the First and Second Vespers – Good Priest, where art thou hid from human eyes
At Midnight – Enough the blood of victims flowed of old
At the Matins – 
Awful is the priestly state
–Abbots, Monks, and Anchorites
At the First Vespers – Happy are they whom God’s protecting love
At the Matins – 
Fair camp in arms of peaceful fortitude
The Anchorite – 
Why dost thou flee the peopled seat?
–Just Men
At the Vespers – Be not afraid, ye little flock
At Midnight – Not by the martyr’s death alone
At the Matins – 
Who Thee receives in secret breast
At the First Vespers – Ye Virgin company
At Midnight – Open is the starry hall
At the Second Vespers – 
The flock beloved, no worldly joy
At the Second Vespers – 
O thou, upon whose breast no earthly flame
–Holy Women
At the First Vespers – To the Lamb’s festival
At Midnight – Come behold a holy grave
At the Matins –
She strove, but strove in vain, that love to hide
On the Consecration of a Church
At the First Vespers – The holy Jerusalem
At Midnight – Christ is set the corner-stone
At the Matins –
O Word of God above
At the Second Vespers –
This is the abode where God doth dwell
Hymn from the Parisian Missal
Day of wrath! —that awful day