Hymns Written and Adapted to the Weekly Church Service of the Year – by the Right Rev. Reginald Heber, D.D., Late Lord Bishop of Calcutta

All texts are according to the original 1827 edition. I have chosen to include the original table of contents as it appears in the hymnal and added the numbers on the left side rather than the first lines of the hymns.

The following is the original Preface from this hymnal:

The Hymns in this volume were arranged by Bishop Heber with a hope that they might be deemed worthy of general adoption into our churches, and it was his intention to publish them soon after his arrival in India; but the arduous duties of his situation left little time, during the short life there allotted to him, for any employment not immediately connected with his diocese.

The work is now given to the world in compliance with his wishes, and from an anxious desire that none of his labours in the service of Christianity should be lost.

Several of the Hymns are by the Reverend
H. H. Milman; one was contributed by Sir
Walter Scott; and a few by Jeremy Taylor, Addison, and other writers of former times,
have been selected and reprinted; the remainder were composed by the Bishop at different intervals of leisure during his parochial ministry in Shropshire.

1. Advent Sunday.—No. I.
2. Advent Sunday.—No. II.
3. Second Sunday in Advent.—No. I.
4. Second Sunday in Advent.—No. II.
5. Second Sunday in Advent.—No. III.
6. Third Sunday in Advent.
7. Fourth Sunday in Advent.
8. Christmas day. —No. I.
9. Christmas day.—No. II.
10. St. Stephen’s day.
11. St. John the Evangelist’s day.
12. Innocent’s day.
13. Sunday after Christmas, or Circumcision.
14. Epiphany — No. I.
15. Epiphany.—No II.
16. First Sunday after Epiphany.—No. I.
17. First Sunday after Epiphany.—No. II.
18. Second Sunday after Epiphany.—No. I.
19. Second Sunday after Epiphany.—No. II.
20. Second Sunday after Epiphany.—No. III.
21. Third Sunday after Epiphany. –
22. Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.—No. I.
23. Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.—No. II.
24. Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.—No. III.
25. Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.—No. IV.
26. Fifth Sunday after Epiphany.
27. Sixth Sunday after Epiphany.—No. I.
28. Sixth Sunday after Epiphany.—No. II.
29. Septuagesima Sunday
30. Sexagesima Sunday
31. Quinquagesima.—No. I.
32. Quinquagesima.—No. II.
33. Ash Wenesday, or first Sunday in Lent
34. Second Sunday in Lent
35. Third Sunday in Lent
36. Fourth Sunday in Lent
37. Fifth Sunday in Lent
38. Sixth Sunday in Lent.—No I.
39. Sixth Sunday in Lent.—No. II.
40. Good Friday.—No. I.
41. Good Friday.—No. II.
42. Good Friday.—No. III.
43. Easter day.—No. I.
44. Easter day.—No. II.
45. Easter day.—No. III.
46. First Sunday after Easter
47. Second Sunday after Easter.—No. I.
48. Another version of the same.—No. II.
49. Third Sunday after Easter
50. Fourth Sunday after Easter
51. Fifth Sunday after Easter
52. Ascension day and Sunday after
53. Whitsunday.—No. I.
54. Whitsunday.—No. II.
55. Trinity Sunday
56. First Sunday after Trinity.—No. I.
57. First Sunday after Trinity No. II.
58. Second Sunday after Trinity
59. Third Sunday after Trinity
60. Fourth Sunday after Trinity
61. Fifth Sunday after Trinity
62. Sixth Sunday after Trinity
63. Seventh Sunday after Trinity
64. Eighth Sunday after Trinity
65. Ninth Sunday after Trinity
66. Tenth Sunday after Trinity
67. Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
68. Twelfth Sunday after Trinity
69. Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity
70. Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
71. Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
72. Sixteenth after Trinity.——No. I.
73. Sixteenth after Trinity.——No. II.
74. Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
75. Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
76. Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity.—No. I.
77. Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity.—No. II.
78. Twentieth Sunday after Trinity
79. Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity
80. Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity
81. Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity
82. Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity (1)
83. For St. James’s day
84. St. John the Baptist’s day (2)
85. Michaelmas day. —No. I.
86. Michaelmas day.—No. II.
87. For a Day of Public Thanksgiving
88. For the same
89. In Times of Distress and Danger
90. Before a Collection made for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (3)
91. An Introit, to be sung between the Litany and Communion Service
92. Hymn after Sermon
93. Before the Sacrament (4)
94. Morning Hymn
95. Evening Hymn
96. Another
97. At a Funeral
98. Another
99. On Recovery from Sickness

(1)Bishop Heber left this footnote at the bottom of the page on which the hymn for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity falls concerning where the hymns for certain Sundays and Feasts may be found:

[Twenty-fifth after Trinity, see fourth Sunday in Lent.]
[For the Annunciation and Purification, see third Sunday in Lent.]

(2)Bishop Heber left this footnote at the bottom of the page on which the hymn for St. John the Baptist’s Day falls concerning where the hymns for certain Feasts may be found:

[For St. Peter’s day, see the fifth Sunday after Trinity.]
[For all other Saints’ days, see St. Stephens day.]
[For November 5, January 30, King’s Accession, &c. see twenty-third Sunday after Trinity.]

(3)Bishop Heber left this footnote at the bottom of the page on which the hymn for before a collection made for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel falls concerning where the hymn for the dedication of a church may be found:

[On the Dedication of a Church, see first Sunday after Easter.]

(4)Bishop Heber left this footnote at the bottom of the page on which the hymn for before the Sacrament:

[See also the Hymn for second Sunday after Trinity.]