The Roman Hymnal: A Complete Manual of English Hymns & Latin Chants: For the Use of Congregations, Schools, Colleges and Choirs

Compiled and Arranged by
Rev. J. B. Young, S.J.,
Choir-Master of St. Francis Xavier’s Church, New York
Fr. Pustet.
Printer to the Holy See and the S. Congregation of Rites
Fr. Pustet & Co.,
New York and Cincinnati.

John Card. McCloskey,
Archbishop of New York.
Sept. 6th, 1884

Copyright, 1884, by E. Steinback
(Firm Fr. Pustet & Co.)

“Most earnestly do we desire that our people should be accustomed to sing together, and for that object we wish that in all our schools the children should be taught the elements of music, and thus choral singing would soon become almost universal in our churches.”
—Pastoral Letter of the Cardinal Archbishop and the Bishops of the Province of New York. September, 1883.

The object of this Manual in to aid the people in complying with the desires of the Most Rev. Archbishops and Bishops, by placing in their hands a collection of Hymns and Chants, containing all that they may be expected to sing in Church, and so arranged as to require the least amount of rehearsal. One of the principal difficulties in the way of Congregational Singing is the scarcity of English hymns suited to large numbers of voices, and intended for use in the Church. The compiler has endeavored to supply this deficiency by drawing largely on the grand old hymns of Catholic ages, which are full of devotion and impress themselves on the mind, each by its own character, never wearying with repetition. Hymns intended for children have not been distinguished from the others; but they are easily known by the freer motion of their melody.
In order to interest the people in the solemn offices of the Church, no less than in private devotions, and especially to facilitate the formation of large Church Choirs, all the High Masses of the Gradual, and all the Vespers which may occur on Sundays and Holidays, have been given in full. In the seven or eight years, which every child spends at school, there is ample time for learning the entire office of the Church. If therefore the means proposed by the Fathers of the Council be adopted, we mean the teaching of music in schools, as it had been customary and obligatory in all Catholic schools and universities, from the time of St. Benedict, and the great scholars Lanfranc and St. Anselm, down to the reformation, every church will soon possess a numerous and efficient choir, without spending the sums which have now to be sacrificed, wherever good singing is desired.
All the Chants in this Manual are taken from the books lately approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites. The Psalms have been written out according to the principles of the best modern as well as ancient
writers on Psalmody.
To obtain perfect chanting, it now only remains to insist on a correct pronunciation of the Latin text. Every psalm should be studied as follows: The teacher reads aloud the first verse, taking one word at a time, and obliging the pupils to repeat it after him. When the entire verse has been spelled out in this manner, the teacher begins it again, taking a whole phrase, or part of a phrase, the pupils repeating the same. He must not pass to another verse until the first has been fully mastered by the whole class. After reading through a few verses, he may vary the exercise by allowing the pupils to sing the words to the melody. The principal attention must be given to those cadences, which may begin either on an accented, or on an unaccented syllable. They are the final cadence of the first Tone,—the middle and the final cadences of the fourth, and the final cadences of the sixth and
The compiler takes this opportunity to express his sincerest thanks to all those, whose assistance has enabled him to complete this work within less than a year after the Council.
Also to Rev. A. Young, C. S. P., for his kindness in allowing the use of No. 129.

College of St. Francis-Xavier, New York City.
J. B. YOUNG, S. J.
Feast of the Nativity of our Bl. Lady.
Sept. 8th, 1884.

The Little Office Of The Immaculate Conception:
Matins: Salve, Mundi Domina/Hail Queen Of The Heavens!
Prime: Salve, Virgo Sapiens/Hail, Virgin Most Wise!
Terce: Salve, Arca Fœderis/Hail, Solomon’s Throne
Sext: Salve, Virgo Puerpera/Hail, Virginal Mother!
None: Salve, Urbe Refugii/Hail, City Of Refuge!
Vespers: Salve, Horologium/Hail, Dial Of Achaz
Compline: Salve, Virgo Florens/Hail Mother Most Pure!
The Commendation: Supplices Offerimus/These Praises And Prayers

The Little Office Of The Holy Angels:
Matins: Praise We Those Ministers Celestial
Prime: For Since That From His Glory In The Skies
Terce: Then Hither, Watchful Spirit, Bend Thy Wing
Sext: O Christ! The Beauty Of The Angels’ Worlds!
None: Angel Of Peace! Thou, Michael, From Above
Vespers: Angel Of Strength! Thou, Gabriel, Cast Out
Compline: And Raphael, Physician Of The Soul
The Commendation: Angel Of God, My Guardian Dear

General Hymns, Nos. 1—7 ; Nos. 183—192.
1. O God, Thou Art The Object Of My Love
2. I Love Thee, O Thou Lord Most High
3. My God, О Goodness Infinite
4. My God How Wonderful Thou Art
5. On Earth There Is One Only Good For Me
6. Holy God! We Praise Thy Name
The Blessed Sacrament
7-8. Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All!
9. О Food That Weary Pilgrims Love
10. O Bread Of Heav’n! Beneath This Veil
11. Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me
12. Soul Of My Saviour, Sanctify My Breast
13. Desidero, Mi Iesu
14. Iesu, Decus Angelicum
15. O Jesu, Thou The Beauty Art
16. Jesus, Gentlest Saviour!
17. O Jesus Christ, Remember
Low Mass, Nos. 18—20.
18. Most Holy Trinity, One God, Supreme In Majesty
19. О Heavens, Earth! This Wonder Hear
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
20-21. Ave Verum Corpus
22. Panis Angelicus Fit Panis Hominum
23. Ecce Panis Angelorum
24-26. Adoro Te Devote
27-31. O Salutaris Hostia
32-41. Tantum Ergo Sacramentum
42-44. Adoremus In Æternum
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
45-46. To Jesus’ Heart All Burning
47. To Christ, The Prince Of Peace
48. O Sacred Heart! Our Home Lies Deep In Thee
49. О Sacred Heart! With Burning Love
50. I Dwell A Captive In This Heart
51. Sweet Heart Of Jesus! My God, My Friend
The Holy Name
52. Jesu! The Very Thought Of Thee
53. Jesu! The Very Thought Is Sweet
54. O Jesus, Jesus! Dearest Lord!
55-56. Litany Of The Holy Name Of Jesus
Hymns to Our Blessed Lady Nos. 58-106; 144—147;
57. What Mortal Tongue Can Sing Thy Praise
58-59. Daily, Daily Sing To Mary
60. Hail, Bright Star Of Ocean
61. O Mother, I Could Weep For Mirth
62. Star Of Jacob, Ever Beaming
63. O Mary Blest, A Mother Be To Me
64. Mother Of God! My Life, My Hope, My Treasure
65. Hail, Queen Of Heaven, The Ocean Star
66. O Mother Blest Whom God Bestows
67. Daughter Of God The Father
68. Look Down, O Mother Mary!
69. Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above
70. О Mary, My Mother, Most Lovely, Most Mild
The Holy Rosary. (Nos. 71-83)
71. By Th’ Archangel’s Word Of Love
72. By The Blood That Flow’d From Thee
73. By The First Bright Easter Day
74. Our Father
75. Hail Mary
76. Glory Be To The Father
77. The Apostles’ Creed
78. Descending From The Throne Of God
79. О Come Unto The Оlive Grove
80. The Day Of Days Has Dawn’d At Last
81. Our Father
82. Hail Mary
83. Glory Be To The Father
84. Litany Of The Blessed Virgin
85. Sub Tuum Præsidium
86-93. Litany Of The Blessed Virgin
94-99. Ave Maris Stella
100. Inviolata, Integra, Et Casta Es, Maria
101. Tota pulchra es, Maria
102. Omni Die Dic Mariæ
103. Psalle, Plaude, Mens Devota
104. Salve, Regina Cælitum
105. O Sanctissima, O Piissima
Hymns To The Saints
—The Holy Angels

106. O God! How Ought My Grateful Heart
107-108. Dear Angel, Ever At My Side
—St. Joseph
109. Hail! Holy Joseph, Hail!
110. Holy Patron! Thee Saluting
111. Te, Ioseph, Celebrent Agmina Cælitum
112. Joy Of The Saints! Who Didst Uphold
—St. Aloysius
113. Why Are Those Lilies In Thy Hand, О Saintly Youth?
114. Salveto Centies
—St. Stanislaus
115. Hail! Holy Guide Of Youthful Days
116. O Iuvenis Angelice
117. Creator Of The Starry Height
118. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
119. Rorate Cæli Desuper
120. On This Festal Day We Sing
— Dies Est Lætitiæ
121. Once In Royal David’s City
122. See! Amid The Winter’s Snow
123. Why, Most Highest, Art Thou Lying
124. To The Nations Light Has Risen
125. Come, Ye Lofty, Come, Ye Lowly
126. O Divinest Childhood
127. Adeste Fideles Læti Triumphantes
128. Magnum Nomen Domini, Emmanuel
The Presentation Of Our Lord
129. O Jerusalem Beloved
130. Lumen Ad Revelationem Gentium
131. Now Are The Days Of Humblest Prayer
132. Now, My Soul, Thy Voice Upraising
133. My Jesus! Say What Wretch Has Dared
134. Hail! Jesus! Hail! Who For My Sake
135. O Sacred Head, Surrounded
136. O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile
137. O’erwhelmed In Depths Of Woe
138. Jesu, As Though Thyself Wert Here
139. О Faithful Cross! O Noblest Tree!
140. Crux Fidelis, Inter Omnes
141. Defensor Noster Aspice!
142. O Jesus! Who For Love Of Me
143. From Pain To Pain, From Woe To Woe
144. By The Cross Her Station Keeping
145. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
146. What A Sea Of Tears And Sorrow
Holy Week
Palm Sunday
147. Pueri Hebræorum
148. Gloria, Laus Et Honor
149. —Maundy Thursday: Pange Lingua Gloriosi
—Good Friday: Ecce Lignum Crucis
—Holy Saturday: Lumen Christi, The Litany
150. After The Epistle, After The Communion
151. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
152. Christ Is Risen From The Dead
153. Hail! The Holy Day Of Days
154. O Sons And Daughters, Let Us Sing
O Filii Et Filiæ
155. Victimæ Paschali Laudes
156. Litany Of The Saints
The Ascension
157. Sing We Triumphant Hymns Of Praise
158. Æterne Rex Altissime
159-160. Come Holy Ghost, Creator Spirit Blest
161. Veni Sancte Spiritus
The Most Holy Trinity
162. All Hail, Adorèd Trinity!
Corpus Christi
163. Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem
164. Sacris Solemniis Iuncta Sint Gaudia
165. Verbum Supernum Prodiens
166. Benedictus
May Hymns
167. Hail! Virgin, Dearest Mary
168. Glorious Mother! From High Heaven
169. Hear Thy Children, Genliest Mother
170. Maiden Mother, Meek And Mild
171. Ave Maris Stella
Feast of St. Peter And St. Paul
172. It Is No Earthly Summer’s Ray
The Assumption Of Our Lady
173. Sing, Sing, Ye Angel Bands
174. Uplift The Voice And Sing
Feast Of St. Michael, The Archangel
175. Thee, O Christ, The Father’s Splendor
176. Corde Natus Ex Parentis
Feast Of The Dedication
177. Blessed City, Heav’nly Salem
178. Angulare Fundamentum
179. Jerusalem, My Happy Home
The Feast Of All Saints
180. Lamb Most Holy! King Most Lowly!
181. O Quanta Qualia Sunt Illa Sabbata
For The Faithful Departed
182.O Turn To Jesus, Mother, Turn
General Hymns
183. Jesus, ever loving Saviour
184. Faith Of Our Fathers
185. Blest Is The Faith Divine And Strong
186. Oremus Pro Pontifice Nostro, Leone
187. Da Pacem, Domine
188. Parce Domine
189. Miserere Mei Deus
190. Attende Domine
191-192. Te Deum Laudamus


The Manner Of Responding At Mass
–The Sprinkling Rite
Asperges Me
Vidi Aquam
–The Ordinary Of The Mass
Agnus Dei
At The Masses For The Dead
–Sequence: Dies Iræ Dies Illa


Common Of Vespers
—Antiphons Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Alma Redemptoris Mater
Ave Regina Caelorum
Regina Caeli
Salve Regina
Gloria Patri
Dixit Dominus
Beautus Vir
Laudate Pueri
In Exitu Israel
Laudate Dominum
De Profundis
Memento Domine
Lætatus Sum
Nisi Dominus
Lauda Ierusalem
Beati Omnes
Confitebor Tibi
In Convertendo
Domine Probasti
—The Proper Of Vespers
Lucis Creator Optime
Creator Alme Siderum
Iesu Redemptor Omnium
Deus Tuorum Militum
Exsultet Orbis Gaudiis
Salvete Flores Martyrum
Crudelis Herodes Deum
Audi Benigne Conditor
Vexilla Regis Prodeunt
Hæc Dies Quam Fecit Dominus
Ad Regias Agni Dapes
Salutis Humanæ Sator
Veni Creator Spiritus
Iam Sol Recedit Igneus
Pange Lingua Gloriosi
Iesu Dulcis Memoria
Quodcumque In Orbe
Egregie Doctor Paule
Martinæ Celebri
Christe, Sanctorum Decus Angelorum
Te Ioseph Celebrent
Regali Solio
Vexilla Regis Prodeunt
Te Splendor Et Virtus Patris
Invictus Heros Numinis
Iam Faces Lictor Ferat
Martyr Dei Venantius
Sæpe Dum Christi Populus
Auctor Beate Sæculi
Cælestis Agni Nuptias
Ut Queant Laxis
Decora Lux
Festivis Resonent
Creator Alme Siderum
Sedibus Cæli
Domare Cordis Impetus
Pater Superni Luminis
Quicumque Christum Quæritis
O Quot Undis
Iste Confessor
Te Splendor Et Virtus Patris
Præclara Custos Virginum
Custodes Hominum
Regis Superni Nuntia
Gentis Polonæ Gloria
Te Deprecante, Corporum
Tibi Christe Splendor Patris
Placare, Christe, Servulis
—Vespers Of The Dead
Dilexi Quoniam
Ad Dominum
Levavi Oculos
De Profundis
Confitebor Tibi
—The Common Office Of The Saints
Exultet Orbis Gaudiis
Tristes Erant Apostoli
Deus Tuorum Militum
Sanctorum Meritis
Rex Gloriose Martyrum
Iste Confessor
Iesu Corona Virginum
Fortem Virili Pectore
Cælestis Urbs Ierusalem
Ave Maris Stella

Common Of Compline
Cum Invocarem
In Te, Domine, Speravi
Qui Habitat
Ecce Nunc Benedicite
Te Lucis Ante Terminum
Nunc Dimittis

Burial Of Adults
Miserere Mei Deus
In Paradisium

Jesus, My Love, Is Crucified!

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