Hymns are indexed by first line. Alternate versions of the first lines are indicated by parentheses, for example (All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure). Titles of a song that are not based on the first line are indicated by brackets, for example [St. Patrick’s Breastplate], and a longer hymn name of which the hymn listed is a part are indicated by these {} types of Brackets, for example Tantum Ergo Sacramentum {Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium}.

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Fairest Lord Jesus (Beautiful Savior)
Faith Is The Dawning Of A Day
Faith Of Our Fathers
Far From My Heavenly Home
Farewell To Types! Henceforth
Father And God! Mine Endless Doom
Father! Creator! Lord Most High!
Father Of All— We Fain Would Say
Father Of Heaven, Whose Love Profound
Father Of Lights! One Glance Of Thine
Father Of Mercies, God Of Love (Fountain Of Mercy, God Of Love)
Father, Son And Holy Ghost In Solemn Power Come Down
Father We Praise Thee Now the Night Is Over
Father We Thank Thee Who Hast Planted
Fever And Fret, And Aimless Stir
Fierce Was The Wild Billow
Firmly I Believe And Truly
First Of Martyrs, Thou Whose Name (Rightful Prince Of Martyrs Thou)
First To The Womb Of Mary
For All The Saints
For Man The Saviour Shed
For Thee, O Dear, Dear Country
For Thy Dear Saint, O Lord
For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace
Forth Comes The Standard Of The King
Forth From The Dark And Stormy Sky
Forth In Thy Name, O Lord, I Go
Forth Let The Long Procession Stream
Forth To The Paschal Victim
Forty Days And Forty Nights
Fountain Of Good, To Own Thy Love
Fountain Of Love! Thyself True God!
From All Thy Saints In Warfare
From Circlets Starr’d With Many A Gem
From East To West, From Shore To Shore
From Foes That Would The Land Devour
From Greenland’s Icy Mountains
From Heaven Above To Earth I Come
From Highest Heaven The Eternal Son
From Highest Heav’n, The Father’s Son

From Lands That See The Sun Arise
From The Eastern Mountains
From The Far-Blazing Gate Of Morn
From The Truth Thy Soul To Turn
Full Of Gladness Let Our Faithful Choir Be Singing
Full Of Mercy, Full Of Love

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