Hymns are indexed by first line. Alternate versions of the first lines are indicated by parentheses, for example (All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure). Titles of a song that are not based on the first line are indicated by brackets, for example [St. Patrick’s Breastplate], and a longer hymn name of which the hymn listed is a part are indicated by these {} types of Brackets, for example Tantum Ergo Sacramentum {Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium}.

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Maker Of Men! Who By Thyself
Man Of Sorrows—Wrapt In Grief
Maria Walks Amid the Thorn (Blest Mary Wanders Through The Thorn)
Martyr Of Unconquer’d Might!
Members Of Christ, His Body, Flesh And Bones
Michael, Archangel Blest [Hymn To Saint Michael The Archangel]
Midnight, Ye Christians, It Is The Solemn Hour
Mighty And All-Holy Spirit
Morn Of Morns, And Day Of Days! 
Mother of Almighty God!
Mother Of Christ! Hear Thou Thy People’s Cry
Mother Of Mercy! Day By Day
Mother Of Mercy, Hail, O Gentle Queen!
Mother Of Our Lord And Saviour!
My Faith Looks Up To Thee
My God, Accept My Heart This Day
My God, And Is Thy Table Spread
My God—By Thine All-Searching Eye
My God How Wonderful Thou Art
My God, I Love Thee
My God, My Father, While I Stray (My God And Father! While I Stray)
My God—My God—Oh! Why Hast Thou
My God! Wilt Thou Those Pangs Endure
My Heart Her Alleluias Uplifts
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
My Jesus I Love Thee
My Shepherd Is The Living Lord
My Song Is Love Unknown
My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
My Soul! What Hast Thou Done For God?