Hymns From Other Breviaries

The hymns on this page are from various other breviaries which are not included in the Roman, Paris, Sarum, Ambrosian or Mozarabic Breviaries. The additional hymns from English Breviaries come from the Hymnale Secundum Usum Insignis Ac Praeclarae Ecclesiae Sarisburiensis (1850).


Hymns according to the Use of the Church of York:
On the Nativity of the Lord, &c.
Compline – Corde Natus Ex Parentis
Prime – Agnoscat Omne Saeculum
Terce – Maria Ventre Concepit
Sext – Praesepe Poni Pertulit
None Adam Vetus Quod Polluit
On Saturday before the Third Sunday of Lent
Vespers – Iam Ter Quaternis Trahitur
On the Ascension of the Lord
Matins – Hymnum Canamus Gloriae
On the Monday after Pentecost
Compline – Laudes Deo Devotas
On a Feast of one Apostle or multiple
Matins – Aeterna Christi Munera (Apostolorum Gloriam)
On a Feast of multiple Martyrs
Matins – Aeterna Christi Munera (Et Martyrum)
One the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
Felix Per Omnes Festum Mundi Cardines
On the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalen
Vespers – Lauda Mater Ecclesia
Lauds – Aeterni Patris Unice
On the commemoration of one Matron
Vespers I & Matins – Haec Rite Mundi Gaudia

Hymns according to the Use of Hereford:
On the Nativity of the Lord and each day until the Circumcision
Prime – Corde Natus Ex Parentis
Terce – Corporis Formam Caduci
Sext – Ecce Quem Vates Vetustis
None – Iuste Iudex Mortuorum
On the Feast of the Visitation of the B.M.V. 
Vespers I & II – In Mariam Vitae Viam
Matins – Christi Mater Caelicola
Lauds – De Sacro Tabernaculo
This hymn is used at prime, terce, sext, and none throughout the year in Services of  the BVM when said in choir or out of choir on weekdays
Veni Creator Spiritus
On the Feast of Saint Anne
Matins – Gaudet Chorus Fidelium
Lauds – Pretiosa Splendet Anna
On the Feast of St. Raphael the Archangel
Vespers I – Exultet Caelum Gaudiis
Matins – Aeternam Caeli Gratiam
Lauds & Vespers II – Excelsorum Civium Inclita Gaudia
On the Feast of St. Thomas of Hereford, bishop
Vespers I – Gaude Mater Ecclesia
On the commemoration of Saint Ethelbert, King of East Anglia and Martyr
Vespers I – Sanctorum Meritis Iungat Praeconia

Hymns from Other French Breviaries (not Paris):
Sundays from Pentecost to Advent (LeMans & Carcassion)
Nocturns – Die Parente Temporum
December 31 (Meaux)
Compline – Lapsus Est Annus; Redit Annus Alter

Hymns from other Iberian Breviaries (not Mozarabic):
On the Feast of St. Lucy, Virgin & Martyr (Dec. 13)
Vespers & Lauds (Calahorra Breviary) – Luciæ Festo Virginis
Nocturns (Calahorra Breviary)Laudemus Christum Dominum
Vespers (Solsona Breviary) – Pneumatis Igne Succensa
Nocturns (Solsona Breviary) – Luciæ Lætetur Gestis
Nocturns (Solsona Breviary) – Gratuletur Plebs Fidelis

Hymns from the Dominican Breviary:
On the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena (April 30)
Vespers Hæc Tuæ Virgo Monumenta Laudis
MatinsLaudibus Virgo Nimis Efferenda
LaudsIam Ferox Miles Tibi Sæpe Cessit

Specific Breviaries Unknown:
On the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena (April 30)
Vespers – Virgo Dilecti Nova Sponsa Christi
Matins – Virgo Prudentum Comitata Cœtum
Lauds – Sponsa Cælestis Generosa Regis