The singing of hymns has always been a central part of my spirituality. St. Augustine of Hippo, the great doctor of the Church, is famous for having said that “to sing is to pray twice.” I found this to be profoundly true in my own walk with the Lord, and so this blog is dedicated to hymnody. Here I will keep a repository of my favorite hymns, as well as some hymns of my own composition. Moreover, if a hymn originated in a different language, I will do my best to provide the original text alongside the English hymn translated from it.

This blog is lovingly consecrated to the greater glory of Almighty God through Our Lord Jesus Christ and placed under the patronage of St. Cecilia, St. Gregory the Great and, of course, St. Augustine of Hippo.

I pray this blog is a blessing to all who come here. Pax et bonum!

10 Responses to About

  1. lover of French Catholic music says:

    It is a blessing for me. Thank you and God bless you in your ministry. Pax et bonum to you too!

  2. GregAnthony Maria Aguirre says:

    It is a work of God thru you to help us offer His due Praise

    May we ever by His grace
    So build up the Body of Christ.

    Love this site

  3. Ron says:

    Hello, I am an avid fan of this webpage. I am looking for any resources that have the pre-Trent sequences which were suppressed. These lost sequences are very difficult to find and I am looking for any resource that has all of them listed. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Noah says:

      Hi Ron, that’s actually one of the projects I have lined up for the page eventually. One of the problems is that the liturgy was not standardized prior to Trent, so there is a great deal of variation from region to region. Google Books is an excellent resource. Try looking up sequences from the Sarum Missal – that would hold a great deal of the sequences from the medieval Church in England

    • Walter Mattys says:

      Since you last wrote Ron, perhaps you have already found ‘the holy grail’ of all Sequence collections: 55 volumes published by 2 Jesuit priests. Look up Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi in http://www.archive.org Perhaps this direct link will work: https://archive.org/search.php?query=analecta%20hymnica
      I have a decades-long history of reading this material since my first year university in 1970.
      Re Noah’s 2nd suggestion, Dr William Renwick at that same university is compiling a complete Latin & English Sarum Rite where all sequences are also available. Perhaps this link would help:
      Are you especially interested in the Latin? If not, many hundreds of them are now in English

    • thiudans says:

      There is a collection of 40+ sequences on Lulu called Lutheran Sequences, all in traditional English. These are from 16th c. collections, but some are slightly altered in places to remove invocatory language directed to saints, as expected in a Lutheran resource. Here you find mostly German repertory, Notker and Gottschalk, a few Victorine as well. The Aachen Proser was used for the melodies of some of the latter.

  4. Joe says:

    Who are you? What religion are you? What is your background?

    • Noah says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t answer personal inquiries on this site. As to my religion, it should be apparent from the site and from the above “About” section that I am Catholic.

  5. Michael says:

    Thank you for your work in giving us this wonderfull resource!

    Ave Maria!

    • Noah says:

      Thank you Michael. I’m glad this site can be a blessing to you. It’s my hope that this site can in some small way help in the revitalization and renewal of the worship of Almighty God.

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