O Lord Of Hosts, The Earth Is Thine

This is the text of this hymn as it appears in Church Hymns (1871) where it is listed as a hymn for Times of Trouble [War]:

O Lord of Hosts, the earth is Thine;
The nations bow beneath Thy sway;
Thy wisdom, love, and power divine
All things in heaven and earth obey.

The dearth, the pestilence, the sword,
These Thy most righteous judgments are;
Yet mark not our deservings, Lord,
But lift from us the scourge of war.

The loftiness of man bow down;
The haughtiness of man make low:
Let all the world Thy greatness own;
And Peace return to dwell below.

O’er passions fierce and hatred sore
Shed down Thy healing Love again;
Bid angel choirs sing out once more
“Peace upon earth, good will to men.”

O Father, teach us brother’s love;
O Saviour, make us one in Thee;
O Spirit, pour forth from above
Mercy and Peace and Unity. Amen.

Words: William W. How, 1864.
Tune (Church Hymns): “Commandments” Geneva Psalter, 1562.

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musings of a young Catholic aspiring to be faithful to his Lord and God Jesus Christ through His Holy Catholic Church
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